Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A LOT Like Christmas

I see this blog has made it as the first choice on both bing and my normal search engine.  That's quite an improvement from a year ago. I found an engine that I earn points which I turn in for $5.00 gift cards.

The house is now decorated for Christmas.  I removed a number of everyday items to display the Christmas items.  A trip to Marshall's yesterday with daughter number three was more fruitful than I anticipated it would be.  I found the most lovely Advent countdown in the form of a four foot tall angel made from muted material.  Looking at her brought a smile to my face and joy in my heart.  There in lies the secret - joy to the heart.

I bet you can guess what I named this gorgeous lady.  Yup,
Angie.  An honor, once again,  bestows on my grandmother.

The poinsettias got relocated to the kitchen table once I put the Christmas cloth on it.  It's a good possibility they will get moved a few more times.

My daughter bought me a present yesterday and called to come over to deliver it.  It's Frosty's hat as a wax burner.  He's tucked into the corner of the kitchen counter just in front of the mixer.  The scent waifs through the entire first floor.  Yum!

While her family was here the children trimmed the tree with help from mom.

I wish her dress was visible from the front.  She looks
like Cindy Who from the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon.

When the three year old saw thus ornament, she got all
excited.  She loves owls.  Like most of my ornaments he was
purchased after Christmas at a drastically reduced cost.
Tomorrow, I'll put up more pictures.  Today I have to think about what goodies I'll make to celebrate the Christmas holiday week.

Stay safe.


  1. It looks beautiful Angie and very Christmasy. I look forward to more photos and hearing what goodies you are going to make.

  2. More photos soon. I'm deciding about the goodies I'm going to make. No final decision yet.

  3. What a sweet little girl standing before the Christmas tree!

    1. Thank you. She's the second youngest. Her cousin is just a few months behind her.