Monday, December 14, 2015

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Years ago I went to a cookie exchange with my small children.  So you know it was years ago.  One mother took the time to make small wreath ornaments for all of the participants.  I loved that little ornament and hung it on the tree for years.  The thing is, I don't know what happened to it.  So when I found a simple crochet pattern to make that wreath three days ago, I was so excited I looked for items in my home to make the wreath.  The pattern used plastic rings, red and green yarn - red being the color that was looped through the wreath to make a bow at the bottom.

I had none of the supplies the original pattern called for, but I was determined to make the wreath ornament.  I could certainly use wheat colored yarn with slender raffia ribbon, but how to replace the plastic ring was the dilemma.  Checking out the small stash of craft supplies that were on hand I eyed gold pipe cleaners.  Bingo! 

The end result was I took two pipe cleaners and twisted them together, then folded them in half and formed a circled.  Taping the ends together was not enough to hold them together so yam was wrapped around the make shift ring.  The end result was sturdy and a perfect copy of the plastic ring used in the original project.  I don't consider myself creative, bit I am a fairly decent problem solver.

The wreath ornament, done with what I had on hand. No
one would ever know I didn't use a plastic ring as the
center.  The next one I'm going to try is a snowflake

A friend found that a cat loved using her raised bed garden as a toilet.  Needless to say this was not acceptable, but she could not catch the cat to discourage it from returning.  She did the next best thing.  A wall of plastic forks lined the area to discourage the behavior.  The problem was solved.

The same friend uses clothes pins to mark what is growing in the garden.  They last for years and her cost was zero since she had them on hand.

Each of these scenarios were created using the idea that 'Necessity is the mother of invention'.  Each of these scenarios also created a sense of pride.

Not everyone thinks they  have the gift of problem solving.  In the same way I admit I'm lacking in the creative gift area.  I think these things can be obtained (to a degree) by trial and error.  Just as I have embraced a road to finding a speck of creativity in myself, anyone can achieve the critical skill of problem solving.  I do admit that it takes time.  But, as I tell my children (and grandchildren)  you're going to be around anyway, may as well use the time as wisely as you can.

As promised more Christmas decorations in my home.

The lighting is the worse in this powder room, but I hope you can
see the moose nested on the shelf.  There's a bit of whimsy in
tis room because the kiddos use it quite often when they visit.

I removed a picture and replaced it with the wreath.  I consider
this wreath a symbol of the Alpha and Omega.  The reason for
the celebration of Christmas for me.


  1. You did a beautiful job and well done using what you have and solving the plastic ring problem. I love the moose in the powder room, the decorations look lovely.

    1. Isn't Mr Moose so cute. His brother is sitting on the sink. The towels also have moose on them. The grands have fun in that room.

  2. A wreath has no beginning and no end. Therefore it is a symbol for infinity.
    A very, very old symbol.
    It is a nice green wreath that you fixed on that door.

    1. You're most astute! That is exactly what I meant by Alpha and Omega.