Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sharing Other People's Ideas

I'm not an internet surfer, but I do have my places I check out each day.  Most time I can't remember where I find good ideas or the ideas are mine.  So today I wrote down a few places I visited so I could share them with you.

Let's start with a detox bath from 'DIY Naturals"  This was on my Facebook page so I saved it to use.  Shame I can't give credit to the person who posted it, I can't remember!  Details, details.

Detox Bath
Handful of Epsom salts (I would guess this would be approximately 1/2 cup.) 
10  drops lavender essential oil.  (amazon has a ton to choose from)
1/2 cup of baking soda
This detoxes and balances the body's PH

The Cutest Ever Soaps and Candles  (Easy as pie, too)
Aprilathena7 makes easy fall gifts that look like candy corn.  Check out her video here:

YouTube channel 'At Home With Nikki' is one of my favorites.  Nikki has great ideas and a beautiful  home.  My taste is different from hers - and yours may be as well - but this lady is creative and informative. In this video she gives tips on decorating with a neutral palette.  Nikki's budget appears to be larger than most of ours, but she does use her resources in a responsible manner.

Another favorite yoo toober is 'Chic Done Cheap'.  Her budget appears to be in line with most of ours as she shops those bargains like a pro.  You may even enjoy her Jersey accent.

Sundays are a  relaxing day for me as I flip through my favorite videos and drink my morning coffee.  May your day be renewing and worry free.

Stay safe.


  1. Thanks Angie for those links, it's interesting seeing what other people get up to.

    1. The thing that impresses me the most is the creativity people demonstrate. Exploring the thought process of others is very rewarding to me. I know I lack in the creative area, but I am developing a gift (for lack of a better word) for reading between the lines. Sometimes I'm spot on, but mostly - not. Tee Hee