Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rantings of a Grandmother, with Accomplishments Thrown In

It's mid week with Halloween just three days away.  Halloween was always a time to stress for me - as a mother of young ones - because of the creativity factor needed to design a costume.  Thankfully all of our children have inherited creativity from their father's side of the family.  I know for certain that there will be a small Peter Pan knocking on doors in his neighborhood on Saturday.  (Our area restricts trick or treating to two hours.)

A basket full of goodie bags for the grands,  I think my daughters
will be a bit upset with me.  Each bags holds a load of sugar
concoctions.  I know the parents control the amount of sugar
eaten each day after Halloween, so how upset can they get?

The following day the clocks get turned back to usher in darkness at five PM on the East Coast of the United States.  Is our country the only one that changes time in the fall and spring?  I'd be interested in hearing from other countries concerning this. 

I remember the time change was originally brought about for the farmers.  They needed early morning hours of daylight to work their farms.  I'm not sure this is currently necessary because most of the farms are now corporate owned.  (Sad, but true.)

Last night I hopped in the bathtub for twenty minutes to experiment with the detox bath solution I posted.  I used 1/2 cup Epsom salts to 1/2 cup baking soda and 12 drops of lavender oil.  I'm normally an in and out kind of girl, so it took some stamina to stay in the tub for the entire twenty minutes.

Keeping in mind this was the first time I soaked in the detox solution, this is what I found.  My skin is smooth as silk.  I don't have a problem with dry skin except on my elbows.  They are now as smooth as a baby's bottom.  Is it because I stayed in the tub for an extended period of time or because of the solution?  I can't answer that right now.  I do know I felt invigorated afterwards.  I'll know more after a couple more times in the tub, so I'll keep you posted.

My daughter cut my hair this morning in her kitchen.  After the styling and washing I was quite pleased with the outcome.  I know her life is pretty full so I tend to let my hair go for a couple weeks after I should have it cut.  Make note to self.  Stop it!  You feel so much better when your hair is freshly cut.  I also had my eyebrows done this week.  I wouldn't say Italians all have a uni-brow, but I will say I'm much more attractive when the brows are taken care of.

I'm in the process of extending my exercise routine.  I added five minutes this week (each day) and will continue to add five minutes a week until the routine hits thirty minutes.  That's the last frontier to do whatever needs to be done to stay as healthy as possible.

Tonight's dinner will be a package of fresh spinach served warm with vinegar, salt and pepper. I'll add a side of cheese and a glass of milk for protein.  Spinach has so much iron in it(as well as so many other vitamins)  and the vinegar is good for digestion.

This week's major accomplishments are minimal.  I scrubbed down the living room right down to the light switch plates, as well as the master bedroom. The master bath also was scrubbed this past weekend.  Two loads of laundry and an additional one for the bed linens.  I've had the wash ball for a month so I put it out in the sun to rejuvenate.  The powder room and kitchen just got a wipe down this week. Next week will be their turn to be scrubbed.

What did you accomplish this week?  Somehow when the tasks are put to paper, you see a lot more was done than was the original thought.

Stay safe.


  1. In Germany clocks were turned back in the night between Oct.24th and 25th. Survey results say that most Germans do not
    want this time change. That´s quite against human nature. Indeed, - I hate these changes.
    As to Halloween, this has no importance in our village. Protestant church here has a negative attitude against these originally
    pagan customs. Well, and we do not care about Halloween anyway. But in towns it´s probably more accepted. I don´t really
    Taking a warm bath with pleasant scents is one of the pleasures for me. Not very often, but at least 30 minutes.
    As to skin care, I have used products that contain urea for many years.For me it is the best, Especially for the feet.

    1. We don't like the time change either. I first noticed the negative effects when I had my first child. It messed with her sleep schedule. You're right that Halloween is a pagan day. I came to peace with this fact when the kids were small. We never made a big deal about it, but they could go trick or treating so as not to put a wedge between them and their peers. Our children were brought up 'Old World' style which did make them stand out from the others. I see they also have the same goals for their children. Everyone is spoiled with tender care, but disciplined and focused as adults. Unfortunately, it was not the trend at the time. Don't get me started on where that trend has led this country.

  2. Angie I live in Queensland , Australia and our state does not have day light saving . Other states do but not us. I've just planted done fruit trees in the yard as we are having some great spring rain.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don't know what happened to my reply. I I wanted to say the seeds are ready. I'll let you know when I post them. Thanks for the comment.

    3. Thank you so much Angie I will look forwards to this.

  3. Australia changed the clocks a couple of weeks ago & I believe UK did theirs last weekend.
    I am a British born Aussie & thank goodness we did not have Halloween. I dislike it very much.

  4. I grew up in Arizona, and we never changed time - only the other states did. Now I live in Texas and we do it. I think it's ridiculous. Don't mess with nature lol