Friday, October 23, 2015

Extremely Frugal Gift Craft Idea

I found a craft project that I could create.  Not only could I create it, but the cost is just pennies for each item.  I made page magnets from an old magnet with an advert on it and washi tape from the dollar store.  I know if there was no advert magnet available, I would have to include the cost of store bought magnets.

Page magnets are used in place of a book mark.  You can place them on the side of the page or on the top, whichever is more convenient for you.  AND, they don't fall out when you open to your page.

If I had small children in school I'd make a bundle of these for their teachers as I'm sure a teacher would appreciate the gift.  Making five or six for each teacher to represent holidays sounds like a good idea.

I'm going to try to walk you through the process with pictures and instructions.  If you are interested and any detail is missing from the tutorial, please feel free to ask a question in the comment section.

Supplies Needed:  Scissors, ruler, washi tape, magnet

*  Cut a magnet in two equal pieces, to desired size.  I would suggest the size be no small than 1 1.2 inches long.  Anything smaller and there isn't enough power for the magnet to stick with a page in the middle of it.

*  Place the magnet's magnetic side down on a hard surface.  Space the two equal size pieces about 1/4 inch apart.

The two equal pieces, magnetic surface down.

*  Cut three to five strips of washi tape that will be used to cover the face of the magnet. (Non magnetic side.)  If the size is larger you may need to clip off additional strips.

* Begin covering the magnet by placing a tape strip to the center where the two pieces meet.  This will hold the pieces together and make it easier to cover the remainder of the surfaces.

*  Then continue covering the surface by placing the additional strips next to the center strip of washi tape.  Cover the top piece, then the bottom piece.

*  When the magnet is covered fold it in half at the space that was left between the two pieces of magnet.  Make a strong crease at the fold line.

*  Trim any excess tape off of the sides.

*Open the magnet and admire the ease in which the project was completed.

You can make a holiday series and place them on a piece of stock card or thin cardboard.  Embellish the card in any way you like and marvel at the frugal gift that would please anyone who loves to read, is a teacher, or works in an office.

Since mine will stay at home with me, I used a piece of cardstock
that has an advert on the back.  I made two sizes to see if the 1 1/2
inch animal print one was strong enough.  It was.  Mine are now
in my date book marking the current week's page.  The other is
marking an information page at the back of the
book.  A small way to make life more enjoyable for me.

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  1. Thanks Angie, this is a good idea and one that kids could make as well.