Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Washing, Bargains, and Family Ties

Today is the day our youngest daughter moves into her first home.  The buying process had a few details in it, but that's to be expected.

My contribution is to wash all the bedding so everyone will have a fresh bed to slump into tonight.

My granddaughter's quilt isn't quite dry. It's draped over the
kitchen table to dry while the other loads are being washed.

My two year old granddaughter called me last night and 'read' me a story about fish.  She's quite the little chatterbox and I couldn't help but smile and giggle during the call.  She even continued to chatter when her mom was talking to me.  She also has quite a large vocabulary, as do all of our grandchildren.  Mastering the English language is important to us, as it represents quite a bit of who a person is.  I think it's human nature to make decisions about others by their ability to speak well. 

Speaking of the English language, our eldest daughter's books are doing quite well on  She also has been picked up by a publisher for her  next series that will be out later this year.  Here's a link if you are interested in intrigue and romance, with real romance and no scummy content.   (I couldn't think of a better word.)

Her first book, The Crazy Lives of Police Wives, was co written with Carolyn Whiting who is a retired police officer.  All proceeds from this publication are donated to police charities. 

Needless to say Carolyn (LaRoche) bases her novels on the knowledge she has obtained by being a police wife and a background in forensic medicine. She studied under Dr. Lee - of the OJ trial fame.  Detail is accurate in her fiction stories.

It was also a treat to talk to my son twice in the same week.  All is well on his home front.

A prescription was waiting for me at Rite Aid yesterday, so I took advantage of the 75% off summer sale to purchase a couple of small items.  The total cost for three items was .75 cents.  I think Santa will put a couple of these items in Christmas stockings.  The other item, ice cube trays, will be used to form wax blocks for my Scency warmer using residue candle wax that has run out of wicks that burn.  There's all this talk about burn rate (Whatever that could be.) saying that candle wax can't be used in the burners.  Could this term be manufactured by a company who super over charges for their wax blocks?  Your guess is as good as mine.

I made turkey soup for dinner two nights ago which was a major flop.  I ate it one night, but the salt content was way too high for me to eat any more.  So the pup had a little and the trash ate the rest.  I don't feel good wasting food, but there comes a time when I just have to give in.  This was definitely one of those times.

Our evenings are beginning to cool down a bit so sleeping is more comfortable.  The plants seem to like the change, as well.  I grabbed eleven berries from the black berry bush last night with more to come this evening.    The marigolds are now flowering because of the cooler weather, as well.  I thought the seeds I planted didn't take well because there were no flowers for quite a while.  I had to remind myself marigolds are a fall flower to keep from pulling them and pitching them.

These marigolds are from seeds I saved from last year's plants.
This is the third generation of plants that grew from the seeds of
plants I bought when I lived in the North.  If you would like me
to send some seeds to you, write your address in a
comment and I won't publish it, but only use it tosend the

The last thing I did this week was find two 'bar' stools for the kitchen counter that is high.  I've waited three and a half years to find good quality at a reasonable price.  The stools were wrapped and put in my vehicle them my son in law brought them in the house for me.

I now have seating for all of us when we share a meal.  The stools are
well made and match my décor perfectly. 

A Quick Tip

I know cleaning out the dryer filter can be a pain, but if this is done after each load, it saves time, frustration,  and money down the road when it's clogged and has to be cleaned.  If the vent gets clogged, a fire can occur, as well.  I turn off the dryer when I leave the house to be on the safe side.  I don't relish the idea of coming home one day to a burned home - just to err on the safe side.  A clean filter also saves on power usage because the clothes dry faster.  There are also times I dry the clothes in the sun, which saves on a large portion of power costs.


  1. Marigold - in Germany we call it tagetes - is a very important plant. The flowers do not smell so nice, but they are real
    nematode killers and they also drive away whiteflies.
    You have a nice healthy plant that will surely give you joy for a longer time. And, as you collect the seeds, you will have
    them next year also. Good luck!

  2. You're right when you say the flowers do not smell nice. Not to us, or bugs! However, I think the colors are beautiful, don't you?

  3. Replies
    1. I'm going to see if I can send the seeds to you. I can send them in an envelope so the cost can't be that high. Can it?

  4. Thank you Angie. I think if it is in an envelope it would just be the normal cost . That is very kind of you. It would be lovely to grow those marigolds from your garden .

  5. As soon as I can dead head the flowers, I'll send them.