Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home Made Baby Wipes, DIY

I found a make it yourself recipe for baby wipes.  They're called baby wipes, but the ingredients are so natural, I don't see why the wipes can't be used to remove makeup or wash hands or anything else when the need arises.

Home Made 'Baby' Wipes

2 cups distilled water at warm temperature (78 degrees or thereabout)
1 T coconut oil
A squirt of organic shampoo
A squirt of organic baby oil
A roll of good quality paper towel, cut in half (One half per batch)
The less expensive towels tend to break down, even Bounty Basic.
Storage container.  Even a gallon size baggie will work.  Or Glad containers. 
The container only needs to be as big as the paper towel roll is wide.  The length of the roll can be squished down with a cover.

I am assuming if organic items are beyond the budget limits, then non organic items can be substituted.  Making your own is easier on the budget and you have the knowledge of what you're wiping on a baby's bottom.

Mix all ingredients.  Pour over paper towel.  Wait a few minutes then remove the cardboard roll from the towels.  You can then pull a wipe out from the middle of the roll.  Cover.

An open pack of wet wipes/ tissues. - stock vector