Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This Week's Accomplishments

The weekend went quickly for me. I spent Saturday night with our youngest daughter, which was a pleasure to be waited on. (she made dinner)  We cleaned up the kitchen together then went on the back porch and talked about all sorts of things.  It was very relaxing.

Earlier in the day I went to Ross with our eldest daughter so she could search for a few shirts for the nine year old.  No luck so far this year for her in that department so she's turning to the internet to check out  some of her favorite haunts.

After a restful weekend I hit the floor running this morning.  I cleaned the kitchen and living room, as well as the powder room.  A load of lights just finished drying and the house was sprayed with the home made bug spray.

I also have gotten itchy to put out fall décor.  I changed out the pillows in the living room and changed the centerpiece on the kitchen table.  Somehow a turkey found it's way to the center of the coffee table, as well.

I know this is a glitch in me, and I have no idea why, but I discovered I don't like color in my home.  I like whites, shades of browns, and muted greens.  So I have decided to paint the fall garland I bought last year for the fireplace an off white.  A can of spray paint should do the job.

For the first time in my life I have a desire to change things up a bit in my home.  Just small things.  There's a plant in the living room that I bought when I moved in nearly four years ago. I repotted it and put it in a different container I had laying around the house.  The container was meant to be a kitchen utensil holder, but I wasn't loving it in that capacity.  I do love it as a planter. I put rocks from the garden at the bottom to catch any extra water and trimmed the plant.  This I'm loving!

I've been trying to match up a new shade with a living room lamp.  After finally finding the right one, I discovered the current shade is not removable.  Who knew?

A visit to the meat store netted a heavy bag with four pounds of hamburg and one pound of Italian sausage.  I found a new recipe for meatloaf that I want to share with my family.  I mixed it up today and froze most of it in two loaves.  A small loaf is in the toaster oven so I can have cold meat loaf sandwiches.

After washing a sink full of dishes, I hope to have enough energy to bake a chocolate cake for tonight's dessert.  The two oldest grandchildren will be spending some time with me on Wednesday, so they can frost it if they like.  (What's left of it!)  This one will be made from a box mix I picked up on sale for .89 cents recently.  As soon as the weather turns cooler, I will make banana bread for the five year old as he asks me every time he sees me if I made some yet.  I tell him I will bake when the weather gets cooler, but I don't think he has figured that one out yet.

The melons were picked and cut into.  The meat is orange and tastes like cantaloupe, but not so sweet.  I put a small amount of sugar on the slices to sweeten them up a bit.  Now they are yummy!

Let me know what you've been up to in the comment section.  Until next time, stay safe.


  1. It is quite normal to change the look of our interior home from time to time. This is a nice task that gives us pleasure.
    I specially like light colours where ever it is possible. And lots of white, no matter if it´s summer or winter. I have no plants
    in the rooms because I have enough outside. Flowers in a vase, - yes.
    Are those beautiful melons from your garden? They look delicious! But the pumpkin on the table is not a real one, is it?

    1. Yes, the melon is from the garden. I only got two, but they were well worth the time and effort. The pumpkin is not real, it's made from concrete, of all things. I have one more made from blown glass that I'll put in the living room when I unpack it. I am happy when I have flowers in the house, but I do have three plants in the house as well. Flowers, however, make my spirit soar! Thank you for your comment..