Monday, August 24, 2015

Some Savings and Piddling Around the Kitchen

After a quick appointment yesterday afternoon, I drove across the street to grab a few groceries for the next two weeks.  Even with the organic choices I made the total spent was 56.14.  That breaks down to just a smidge over 28.00 per week.  I did splurge and bought a holiday magazine   I call it a splurge because the cost was just shy of 8.00.  As I've said in a past post, magazines no longer interest me too often.  I'm thinking because I'm having a difficult time waiting for fall, I had a weak moment when I spotted the fall colors on the cover.

The last time I was at Harris Teeter, I bought organic strawberries.  I swear just the top layer was organic to be followed by the other kind.  I politely asked the produce manager if this was a possibility and he explained that there were federal laws against such practices.  He asked if I would like another container.  I replied I didn't bring in the berries. His response was, " So you don't want a pack of berries?"   Confusion set in for a moment, then I realized he was offering to replace my loss.

In another aisle (cookies!) I found one of my favorite baker's cookies.  I was so excited it was difficult to retain my composure.  (I did, though.)  I asked the manager if he could contact the vendor to ask if they could stock a certain cookie that I have been craving for,  He took my name and number and said he would call me when they arrived. 

This store knows how to retain their customer base.  It's also the store that has great buy 2 get three sales.  If you remember, I bought five bags of coffee on such a sale paying a bit over 2.00 a bag for the coffee.

Purchasing sale items, the savings was over seven dollars and the berries were at no charge.  I left with a smile in my heart.

This morning I hit the ground running and cleaned the pantry, dated the cans, and reorganized - not only the pantry - but the cupboard I keep my dehydrated foods in.  Finally realizing this task needs to be a monthly occurrence, I put it in my date book to keep on top of it.  Thankfully, there was no waste with the exception of some cookies that I will give to the pup for treats.  I don't buy dog treats because I can't be sure of the quality.  Besides she likes apples and bland people cookies better.
I was excited to find an additional carton of 2 quart jars.
The jars that are still empty have water in them in
 preparation of hurricane season.  Since the jars take
up space, I thought they shpu;d be useful. 

Another acquisition this week was two 40 ounce bottles of Tide detergent for 1.99 each.  I used a dollar coupon on double 1.00 day.  They were 2.99 each with a 1.00 off two.

Some time was put aside to grind bread into crumbs, wiz the dried parsley, and mushroom stems into powder.

When the bread crumbs were done, I sealed the jar with the food saver.
I seal jars that I seldom use to keep things fresh for a longer period of time.


  1. Hi Angie, you have been busy. It's nice to treat yourself now and then . I do like seasonal magazines , my weekness is Christmas.

    1. I certainly do share that weakness with you. I save them from year to year then look over them to befin the Christmas season each year.

  2. A food saver? Interesting. I would appreciate, if you could explain this for me.
    Is this a sort of vacuum pump? Can this be used for all jars or containers?
    A jar with bread crumbs is surely something you do not open everyday.

    1. Food Saver is the brand name of the vacuum machine. It vacuums bags (their brand) and an additional attachment is available to place on a canning jar lid to vacuum the air out. Food can last for years in the containers and moisture(think hurricanes) can not penetrate the seal. Amazon has a picture on this link.

    2. I see the link didn't work. Type in food saver in the amazon search bar and this will give you an idea of what is available. Have fun!

  3. Thank you! That´s exactly what I did and I found a lot.
    Now I am informed. That´s surely practical.

  4. I've made a commitment to check the pantry every month. I'm glad I could help.