Saturday, July 11, 2015

Intangible Success

  • noun

    the accomplishment of an aim or purposethe attainment of fame, wealth, or social status
This is a definition of the word SUCCESS.  I like the simple and straightforward definition - 'the accomplishment of an aim or purpose'.
This part of the definition is often over looked in our society as we tend to focus more on wealth or fame. (as a society)  I'm not fond of this activity.  I am, however, a fan of obtaining goals.
This morning I read an article describing fifteen things the wealthy do.  I am happy to report I do thirteen of the activities.  I do not obsess over money and things though.  I'm not wealthy in terms of cash reserves.  I am wealthy in terms of everything else -all of the things I set goals for have been met.  (You can read the article here: )
I thought I would write a list to obtain intangible goals.  In my way of thinking the world would be a better place if more people reached for the intangible rather than the tangible.  It's a theory I'd like to see the results of.
I am a big proponent of education.  Not everyone can afford a formal education at one time.  I went to a prominent university, but the truth be known I chose a career that was in big demand and paid me to learn.  Back then I received a stipend to attend school because no one thought of entering the field.
I'd like to point out there are numerous ways to be educated.  One of the easiest is to master your language, which is accomplished over time.  If you find this is a weakness, one of the ways to learn more is to choose a word each day.  Spell it, use it in a sentence and learn the definition.  Before you know it your vocabulary will be something to envy.  Speaking the language correctly will reap many benefits that you won't even be aware of.  It may be the one thing that impresses an employer.  We will never know if a job is unobtainable because of our speech.
Be kind.  There are laws of physics that can't be altered.  Have you ever heard the saying 'What goes around, comes around'?  This is a simple way of saying that the laws of physics will abound in life.  There's no getting around it.  There could be days the patience needed for this practice will be enormous.  All of us have failed in this area at one time or another since we are human and are prone to mistakes.  But, we are also able to create patterns of kindness when kindness will become part of who we are. Take it from a former bitch.  I didn't even know I was a bitch, it was how I was brought up.  Add to that a snob, and you have a rotten person.  I like myself so much more now than when I was young.  I owe this transformation to my patient husband's teachings.
Be clean and organized.  Being clean is a no brainer, but being organized can mean different things to different people.  Organization benefits everyone in numerous ways.  Less precious time is wasted looking for things, not to mention money because something not found has to be acquired again.  Chances are the item will be found after a new one is obtained, causing dismay, then resignation and cluttered homes.    
Saving money rather than spending it all.  I guess this could come under the heading of budgeting.  In a budget there should be a category for discretionary spending.  Even if it's 5.00 or 10.00 a week  I currently put aside a small percentage of my income for the things that are not necessary, but bring me joy.  This could be something as small as a custard cone from Rita's or as large as a new blouse.  The operative words are 'brings joy'.  If there's something big you want, then saving this part of the budget until there is enough to pay for it will bring a great sense of accomplishment.  There's nothing like that sense of accomplishment.  It's empowering, to say the least.  It's not money that has the power, it's the sense of accomplishment when it's used to benefit us that is powerful.  Power brings on a feeling of confidence.  A win - win situation.
Speaking from a mother's heart please think about a path to becoming debt free.  Most people that have taken this path follow Dave Ramsey.  I have not only because for some reason I've always known things about this subject.  I thought nothing of going on an austerity budget when our family had to deal with medical crisis(es).  Thankfully it was inherent to educate myself with measures that pulled us through that situation.
Give God some of your attention.  Obviously not everyone believes in the power of God, but for those that do pray and converse with God every day.  Even if you don't believe in God, talk to Him anyway.  It can't hurt.  What can hurt is if there really is a God and denial is practiced. 
This is the basic list of accomplishing intangible success.  The first step is the most difficult.  But, as time moves forward there will be a peace and desire for more knowledge.  We spend the time any way, may as well use it to our advantage.
Good luck and stay safe.


  1. Your thoughts and concepts are wise and knowledgeable. And it is also true, that one should (nearly) never give up learning.
    To save time für really important things in live, it is smart to simplify household chores as much as possible. That does not mean to buy fast food or have artificial flowers in a vase. Not at all! It means an optimization of all processes in everyday live.
    That will save so much time. And mostly it will also save money. Being successful and having good results gives us joy.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. It's so appreciated. I'd like to return the compliment for the wisdom you have spoken. 'Being successful and having good results gives us joy'. So true. I think what you have said will help other readers who may be struggling.

  3. What a wonderful post. How easily we forget the important things in life and pursue the tangible. Thanks for sharing the article as well!

    1. It does my heart good that you enjoyed the post. Thank you.