Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Accomplishments and Favorites

This month I have a few favorites, but not too many because I haven't researched or purchased too many new things.


The book by Carolyn LaRoche, Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos.  This is an up and coming author with a flair for humor, romance, and suspense.  Here's a blurb from amazon to get you started.
If you find you have an interest in purchasing the book, it's available on in
Paper back and e book format. 

As a transparency statement Carolyn is my daughter.  Her numbers are high for a new author and she tells me she is very popular in the UK.  I always told my kids that I didn't care what their chosen profession is, to only be the best at whatever they chose.  It looks like Carolyn was serious about following this advice.  She also teaches forensics in a local high school as her Master's is in this field of study. 

Cyndi Mills has a great life. A handsome husband that is totally hot for her, a beautiful daughter, and friends she could trust with her life. Her life should feel complete, yet she feels something is missing. She knows her husband won't approve when she takes on a job where her closest friend is a cross dressing bartender, her mentor has a feather boa for every occasion, and her alter-ego spends every shift shaking her... um... assets. She manages to keep her new career a secret from her husband, Jason, until her co-workers start disappearing. Cyndi is determined to find the missing girls. Unfortunately, solving the case means her overly protective cop husband has to know where she goes every Friday night and the killer soundtrack of 80's rock won't matter to him one bit. Cyndi's thrown deep into the case when she becomes a confidential informant.

With her marriage and family on the line, will she risk everything to find justice?


Washington state cherries.  As long as they are available, I'll be snacking on them.  I canned five jars for a winter treat.

Organic tomatoes that a neighbor shared with me.  The flavor was so 'tomatoy'.  I miss the true flavor of veggies that I remember from childhood - before our crops were messed with.


A pack of ten Mylar blankets.  People use them to cover their windows in the summer to deflect heat from the sun.  I'll be putting them up on key windows this week.  I hope this lives up to the great reviews I read.


I'm a sucker for the homecoming videos that pop up on my fb page from the Veteran's site.  I normally need facial tissue while watching the happiness of families reunited after a soldier's tour in the Middle East

I'm a big fan of the Royal Family in the UK.  The new pictures up on facebook of Charlotte's christening are adorable.

The Tudor Farm (BBC documentary) on yoo toob is packed with information that could be used in today's simple life.  However, I won't be raising any hogs or chickens in the near future.


Dried 4 cups of pumpkin that I froze in the fall.  This way I'm not pressured to use it before it gets freezer burned.  When I want to make bread, I'll reconstitute it.

There are two quart bags of blackberries in the freezer, with a whole lot more to come.  The berries on the bush are in different stages - some red, some green, and some still in the flower stage.  I'll wait until all of them are picked to process them.

I tried to get a shot of all three stages of growth on the berry bush.

The bedding is washed and put back on the bed.

Some items that need to be hand washed are hanging over the shower door.

Some bay leaves are also dried and sealed in a canning jar.

I documented what was in the freezer and pantry so I don't waste money re buying what I already have.

A trip to Sam's club and the kitchen now has 10 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of sugar, vitamins (my son in law insisted), an eight can pack of baked beans, and tuna.  I also stocked upon toilet tissue and facial tissue.

Some blackberry leaves were also cleaned and dried for a tea in the colder months.  These leaves are said to aid in digestion.

What are your accomplishments this week?  Let us know in the comment section.

Stay safe.


  1. Your blackberry bush looks super lush and healthy. I'm so tickled it's producing well this year. :-) You mentioned in another blog post that you'll dig it out to transplant at your daughter's home? Once it has a season or two to settle in after transplanting, I hope it provides berries for all of you for years to come. Thanks for the tip about blackberry leaves aiding in digestion! I never knew that. Our bush doesn't pump out many berries, but has loads of leaves and is still throwing up suckers for new plants. Thanks also for the tip about documenting what's in the freezer and pantry. I've been meaning to do this for quite awhile; you've motivated me to tackle that project this week. And congratulations to Carolyn for her success!

    1. It's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. The giver took her time to harvest it at the right moment. She will always be a reminder of great friendships. I've been lax about documenting food, too. About ti,e I got off my bum and finished the task. :)

  2. Thank you for giving Undercover the spotlight today! If your readers are interested in seeing what else I am up to they can find excerpts, links and other current events on my facebook page at or my blog or twitter @carolynlarocheauthor.

    1. You're welcome. If I didn't think the story was great, I would not have sung it's praises.

  3. I dry quite a lot of herbs. May I tell you about my experiences? I don´t use the dehydrator (which I use for fruits), but I put the
    herbs on large sieves. Most herbs do not contain much water and they dry quickly in the airy shade. I cut most herbs with the
    stems to protect the essential oils (no broken leaves): Peppermint, lemon balm and lemon verbena are our favorites. I also dry
    blossoms of lime-tree, which give a very nice tasting tea. During the hot days I prepare herbal tea in the evening and put it in the fridge (in bottles) to enjoy them next day. These teas and lemon water are the best refreshments. (no sugar added) I do not dry rosemary, thyme and sage, as I can cut them in winter too. There are many different sorts of sage. It should definetely be "salvia officinalis" which is for medical purposes. Now it´s still a good time to collect herbs. In the garden they are so easy to care for, but they do need enough place.

    1. Again, thank you for so much information that's helpful to all of us. I love when others share new information. I like the line blossom idea. A nice 'gift' during the winter months.

  4. Well, lets see. I did a load of laundry midweek on Wednesday. I started this routine last week at my husband's suggestion (we both work full time outside the home) as it makes Saturday mornings so much nicer with just one load to put in other than sheets and towels. What a smart guy he is!

    I have done some research for our anniversary vacation trip next May (so exciting) and am having a fun time looking forward to that.

    Wow - it would seem that other than daily duties like cooking and keeping the kitchen clean, that's all I've accomplished this week. Doesn't seem very successful. LOL

  5. Are you forgetting all you most likely accomplished working at a full time job? Cooking, laundry and keeping critters out of the kitchen - along with working - are considered accomplishment in my book. My favorite quote, '... And they keep pulling me in.'