Monday, July 13, 2015

What's Happening at Angie's House This Week?

For the first time ever I met our eldest daughter for breakfast.  The plan was to meet at a local restaurant, but when we arrived we were informed they no longer serve breakfast.  The closest place was McDonald's so we ventured there to fill up on a breakfast sandwich.  I sometimes crave one of their egg biscuits.

When breakfast was over and we parted ways, I stopped in to the Dollar Tree.   The cashier was a happy woman who sent a genuine greeting my way.  My spirits were instantly lifted from the greeting then hit high when I spied the new back to school supplies.

My daughter brought over two large zucchini for me. From one of them I got five cups of shredded veggie, four cups that went into the freezer and one cup went into the dehydrator.  The other one was sliced and dried for use in winter stews, soups and sauces.  I hope the harvest is good this year so I can dry lots more.  I am impressed with the health benefits of zucchini, but I'm not too fond of the bland taste.  This way I can bake with it and use it in one pot wonders.

I really wish I was a better photographer, but my poor skills will have
to do for now.  The next time there's a class online, I will be the first
to sign up, just so I can do better on this blog.  One jar of the dried zucchini
will go back to my daughter and the other will stay at my house. 
She wants me to keep the shredded bunch.
My neighbor moved, but before she did she shared a few organic veggies with me, one of which was a squash.  Today that squash will also be dried.

Two mornings this week I got up early and spent some time with the two youngest grands.  My daughter needed some help for a few hours on those days, so I went early, then the eldest daughter finished off the morning watching the kids until their mom got home.  This isn't something I do often, but when the parents are in a tight spot I'll watch the kids.  I'm not the grandmother that devotes her retirement to watching the grands.  I've made that very clear to all of my children.  My responsibility ended when my kids grew up.  Their children are their responsibility.  My job is to spoil the grands.  I think I may be good at my 'job'.  Tee hee hee.

I ordered two solar lamps from amazon this week, as well.  Let me tell you they are the neatest little lamps.  I have been testing them out at night to see how well they work and decided I could save on electricity by using them now and having them on hand if the power goes out for any reason.  I thought, even on sale, they were a bit more than I would normally spend, but I felt better after my son in law told me the bulbs were LED and would never have to be replaced.

Aren't these lights the cutest things?  There's even a handle so they
can be hung up.
Our buildings are being power washed this week. My community is small so they have put aside just three days to finish the project.  My home was the first one done.  For those of you not familiar with the humidity in the South buildings need to be power washed every year or so because the humidity tends to leave green slime on them after a while.  Especially the parts that don't get much sun light.

I had to pitch one pot of tomato plants because the rain  did a number on them.  I'm hoping I get at least a few tomatoes off of the remaining plant.  Even if they have to be picked green I can make bread or jam from them.  So far the cucumber plant and the melon plant are loving the rain.  Here's hoping.  I have gotten quite a few berries off of the blackberry bushes with many more to come.  So some successes along with some failures.

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I bought two winter shirts from the thrift store.  They're washed and ready for the first cold day.  The intention is to use them as sleeping shirts, but there's no reason I can't wear them in the house to keep warm during the day.

These shirts came from the Goodwill thrift store. The blue
one was half price for 2.50, the cream one was full price.
The cream one still had the tags on it and the blue one
was never worn.  A simple way of testing this is to run
your fingers over the tag.  If the printing is raised
then the shirt was never washed.

Just to let you know this posted well before it was finished.  I don't know how I did that.  I may never figure it out.  But I will be diligent the next time I have a half finished post to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Stay safe.


  1. We have often meetings with the family or with some members of the family. For brunch, cake and coffee or dinner.
    Nearly always at our place. I like the freedom in private rooms.
    Yes, a nice genuine greeting can really make us fell better. I think, many people are waiting for such an encouragement.

    1. You are so sweet to leave a comment. You know I love to hear what traditions you have in your country. Thank you C.

  2. Yes, the taste of zucchini isn´t really "thrilling", but rather bland, as you said. But that is what makes them versatile. I cut them in thicker slices and brown them on both sides together with onions (that´s important) in a bit of oil in a frying pan. Add some salt and pepper and maybe serve with a bit of grated cheese or a blob of sour cream. Good with mashed potatoes or just a
    piece of baguette. Zucchini goes well with red or yellow peppers and can be gratinated. No meat needed. It is important to
    harvest zucchinis in a very young stage. Never let them mature. Garlic is good with zucchinis too. And basil.