Friday, July 24, 2015

Time to Prepare a Hurricane Bag

I just watched a video that reminded me I have been lax in providing a seventy two hour hurricane bag.  One thing everyone knows in this area is to be prepared for a hurricane at home and if people need to evacuate the area.  The newspapers put out booklets every year and the news channels talk about being prepared for the hurricane season.

I am always prepared for a storm in my home, but I've been lax about gathering together items in one place to take with me if there is a need to evacuate.  Time to be diligent and make a bag up.

I used two bags, one for food, then one for equipment to prepare or eat the food and clean clothes.  As far as water is concerned I can grab it from the garage while heading out the door if I need to evacuate.   I also have 2 disposable grills that I bought at Wal Mart a couple of years back.

The food bag needs to be filled with long lasting items that have an expiration date at least six months out.  I don't want to have to worry about  the food often so my bag is filled with food that has an entire year before I have to worry about it.  Since there is only me, the cans are single serve ones as is the cereal.  Another thing is because it gets so hot here in the summer, I can't store my bag in the ideal place - the vehicle.

The food bag (or container of your choice) needs these items:

Breakfast for three days for each person
Lunch for three days for each person
Dinner for three days for each person
I added snacks like packs of cookies, tea, coffee packets, and bubble gum.
Don't forget water
You may want to add a couple of small bottles of wine!

Here's a sample of the food I have packed in my bag. 
The beans are for a protein source, as is the tuna packs.

Also needed:

Matches or some sort of igniter
A source of light: candles, flashlight, solar lamp, etc.
Some sort of pan, I'm using dollar store aluminum pans.
Eating utensils, paper plates, cups
Prescription medicines
Band aids and antibiotic ointment
Cleansing wipes

Because the bag is for three days only, small amounts of these items are all that is needed.

In the vehicle I can store a blanket and an atlas.

Wherever you live in this country abnormal weather patterns can emerge.  It's a beautiful land, but with beauty can come unforeseen calamity. Being prepared for such things is prudent and will reduce stress if a weather condition forces you out of your home.


  1. I wish for you that this is only the wise and necessary precaution
    and that an emergency situation will not occur.

    1. Thank you. Chances are the bag will not be needed, but being prepared is a good thing to do. We get hurricanes, but most of them hit the state below us hard leaving us a bit safer because of the 'lay of the land'.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! In California, we get earthquakes and it's important to have a few things always at the ready "just in case", like bottled water, a propane cook stove, the same food supplies as you list, and we keep all of our important documents in a fire proof safe. Over the weekend, we were at a shop that had huge gemstone geodes and glass cases filled with fossils. There was even an enormous Woolly Mammoth tusk on display on a glass topped console. We asked the owner if he had adequate coverage for earthquake damage, as our area had a 6.4 quake several years ago. All those heavy (and expensive) pieces + all that glass in an old building can be catastrophic for a small business when the earth moves.

    1. I forgot to mention that important papers are in food saver bags. See? I remind you, and you remind me. The end result is a success story! Thanks for your comment.