Monday, June 8, 2015

Yoo Toob, The Modern (Interactive) Magazine

Let's talk about magazines.  This is one form of media that I spent half a lifetime coveting.  While bringing up our family spending money on a magazine was a frivolous act, so I bought very few.  Mostly I would grab one from a doctor's office (since we spent so much time in them) and ask if I could have it.

I would read every word that was between the covers with relish, thinking that I was being educated.  In quiet time I would pour over the pictures again and again scoring the images to memory.  I did this for about ten years, thinking that the authors were so wise.  One day reality hit.

That day was the day that I noticed all of the previous 'wisdom' was being pooh poohed and new 'exciting' information was now available.  Information like margarine was so healthy and butter was a no no in any healthy diet.  Opps, we were wrong.  New studies reveal butter is natural and better than the spread we use to tout because margarine is one molecule away from plastic.  ONE molecule!!!!  Good thing that special heart diet my husband was on that didn't allow him the pleasure of butter was so healthy for him.  My love affair with women's magazines began to waiver. 

I turned to decorating magazines for inspiration realizing that the authors of the women's magazines knew nothing more than I did.  The same procedure for acquiring them was in place.  Until a magazine called  LIVING debuted.  I had to gift myself that one.  I loved it for years - too many to count.  Then two years ago I read where the new CEO let go of 500 employees the week before Christmas.  I became so disgusted that I refuse to even read the magazine or purchase anything with the name attached since. 

I realize every company has an individual tax year, but these modifications could have been put on hold and enacted later in the new year.  Living began soliciting me to renew my subscription - the one I had for twenty years.  Sorry, I've lost total interest in a firm that has demonstrated it does not take into consideration the loyalty of it's staffers - appearing, instead,  to covet only  the bottom line.  It's in an instance like this that I have to ask how many millions is enough.

I see this conglomeration has been loosing luster ever since allowing this to happen at Christmas.  We consumers are not as clueless as this company thought.  Even if the company was loosing money, waiting three months would not have made that much difference.  I know this as a fact as the company I worked for did the same thing for years until it was pointed out to the owner how badly it reflected on him.  He changed his ways and began gaining headway in the market place, making less people angry who complained to anyone who would listen to them.

These trademark products are now often on sale and the company is begging people to subscribe to their magazine, something that was not considered appropriate by it a few years back.

Currently the only magazines I purchase are specialty ones that have information in them about a specific subject such as canning, organizing or Christmas décor and projects.  It's rare that I purchase any these days.

My new 'magazine' is yoo toob.  I love yootoob.  I have found a group of ladies that are so talented that Martha should hang her head.  The kicker is these ladies don't spend thousands on their projects.  They glamorize garage sale finds and super discounted items and their homes are gorgeous.  They create their own pillows by using fabric glue and low cost embellishments.  They organize using dollar store bins or TJ Maxx items.  No snobbery going on here.  I admire them because they are uplifting and have a heart for young families and beauty.

I can't remember which one said this, but it stuck with me. She said God created beauty and an organized environment therefore He has shown us that both of these things can bring peace into our hearts and homes.  This is the kind of wisdom that is forever motivational.

So, yoo toob, you have my vote as long as the bottom line is not more important than the people who  brought you to fame.

Stay safe.


  1. Well, I still like some of the women's magazines, although I don't have multiple subscriptions as I did for many, many years. My current favorites include Woman's Day, Women's World, Redbook and (occasionally) All You, which is written by readers and has lots of coupons in each issue. I like the first three because they're realistic and seem to understand middle class American women who are over the age of... say... 35 and beyond. I used to subscribe to others, but the trend seemed to be more and more geared towards a high income, younger audience who followed the latest fads and trends. Which would NOT be me! :-) I actually wrote to one of them (Family Circle), when one issue had an ad for Fruit of the Loom cotton panties on the page facing their fashion layout, where grand total of the outfits shown exceeded $800. No kidding. Also in that issue was a piece on the magazine's national fundraiser to help end hunger for children in America, and then the family healthy food/recipe section included Salmon, sea scallops, shrimp, Panko crumbs, quinoa, specialty organic produce, etc. that for each meal totaled more than $4.00 per serving. That said, I don't often watch You Tube. My sons and husband do. I'm glad it provides you with a combination of information and entertainment, and that you really enjoy it.

  2. I definetely agree with you. There is no need to buy magazines nowadays. On Youtube you find information and inspiration
    for nearly all themes. The money for magazines can be used for better purposes or saved.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I see your point about magazines offering high end (and expensive) products. Something I did not pick up on.

  4. I'm not on a ' no magazine' campaign. If it comes across this way, I apologize. Like you said women may have other things to spend their discretionary funds on. This is the way I currently do things. I am thrilled to watch (visualize) how a room comes to together or the end result of a recipe. To me it's free entertainment. I still like my books in my hand though. I'm not sure that will change. But, who can tell what the future will bring.

  5. I have cut way back on my magazines as it had become a real problem a few years ago. I get a healthy cooking magazine and a magazine my mother-in-law gifted a subscription for me to. Other than that, I have let the rest go. I get so much more inspiration from real women bloggers and You-tubers as you described, that the clutter and cost, however small it may be, of magazines has just become unnecessary. I'd love to see a list of some of the YouTubers you watch!

  6. My favorite yoo toobers are: Do it on a Dime, My So Called Home, At Home with Nikki and Living Luxuriously for Less. So many ideas and creativity in these ladies. You won't be sorry.

  7. I really liked this post. Before I forget, I didn't know you were a science nerd, guess that explains the aversion to germs and therefore the cleaning... I love to clean! so, I am enjoying that aspect of you. Also like how your place is tidy, wow, that garage looks good. I too used to be 'addicted' to magazines, but I finally conquered that. Now I look at the library, or get free donated ones, or free ones from my sister in law. Love the comment about beauty and organization, I never really thought about that before, but it is true.

  8. Oh, and I also meant to comment about butter. My husband had a heart attack last year and yes, the docs and nutritionists push the 'heart healthy' margarine. I've read that butter is healthier, but we do need to not go overboard on it. I am also becoming educated about 'plastic' and manufactured food. I believe so many health issues would not be issues if we ate more fresh foods, of course, then we have to educate ourselves on what has been sprayed on them or the GMO issue.