Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Week in Review

The garden is growing and will soon be considered lush.  I've picked all of the strawberries that were intended to be used to make jam.  This won't happen because they've all been eaten - one by one!  The strawberry plants are now putting out feelers and creating new plants.  The miraculous cycle of life is in progress.

The weather has been conducive to growing healthy plants and fruit.  I had to trim the blackberry bush because it was going wild with it's tallest branch reaching well over the six foot fence.  I noticed quite a few berries on the back of the plant when I hopped in to the garden to prune the bush.  Until then I noticed all of the berries growing in the front.

I'm hoping for enough berries to make a batch of jelly this year.

The bay plant has quite a bit of new growth on it and the olive tree is forming flowers which, hopefully, will be olives.  Excitement plus!

If you can see the tiny white flowers growing in the center
of the leaves, then you may see - if all goes well - olives
in a few weeks.

The bay plant has doubled in size since I re potted it a while back. 
Maybe 2 months ago.

I made my weekly trek to the dollar store which netted me a pack of three exacto knives.  I'm not concerned with hauls, just the little things that are needed to perform life tasks.

 Time was spent with the two eldest grandchildren yesterday until their mom got home from work.  When she got home we sat and talked for a few minutes before I left for home.  By the time she arrived home the grands had enough and were rather quiet and resting.  Until then we had a good time playing and talking, as well as snacking.

Daughter number three is cutting my hair this morning which is in need - big time.  That will be a relief and cooler in this summer heat.  In addition to looking quite a bit better than it does right now.

I think peanut butter toast sounds like a winner for breakfast.  I have some strawberries left that I'll mix with bananas for lunch and green beans that are cooked and cold.  Dinner will be steamed clams and corn on the cob.  Most likely GMO corn, but I do eat corn on the cob a couple times during the summer anyway.

The bathrooms are clean for the week and the kitchen has been scrubbed down and sprayed with peppermint spray so bugs don't feel they can take up residence in my home.  I thought peppermint deterred bugs, but I found out yesterday it actually kills them.  So peppermint spray it is, and often.  My major task today will be cleaning the floors.  I also have to put moth balls out in the yard and call the plumber to fix two leaking faucets.  Also on the agenda this week is going to Home Depot for one more shelving unit for the garage.  Of course, the sheets and clothes need to be washed.  I'll most likely tackle that in the morning.  I'd also like to climb onto a chair to reach the high garage door windows to clean them.  I'm tired of looking through foggy windows!

 I hope your week is going well.  Let me know what you have been doing in the comment section.

Stay safe.


  1. Do you buy or make your peppermint spray, and if you make it, would you mind sharing the recipe? Sounds as if you've had a busy week so far! Your berries look delicious, and it's nice to see your bay and olive trees thriving in their pots. :-) We've accomplished a lot since the end of last week. The first round of company has arrived for my oldest son's MBA graduation. The rest will arrive in two days. That meant major spring cleaning of our house, including washing walls, doors, cabinets, etc. We don't have room for all 9 relatives, so a vacation home was rented for the week, but they'll all be in and out of our house during their stay. It's nice to have the place gleaming.

    1. I make my spray and it's so easy. Look for a post today with the recipe. I wish I could remember where I got it from to be able to give credit. D day is coming upon you in a hurry. Enjoying the company of family and friends is a special blessing. Good luck. Being proud of a son who has accomplished so much 'ain't' too shabby either!

  2. So happy your garden is coming along so great! Would you please give recipe for peppermint spray? Thank you. :)

    1. ReRe, I will do a post with the recipe as soon as I'm done replying to messages. Thank you for commenting. I love to read comments!

  3. Nice to see your plants so well growing! So much work in the garden in these days. We had some good rain, but during the
    day it´s so hot. I do all my garden work in the early morning hours or in the evening. Your blackberries will make a good jelly
    or jam when they are ripe.

    1. Thank you. Your garden is gorgeous. I'm so thankful you sent me the pictures. I love to see how creative people can be. It's entertaining for me to look at nature pictures. I also work in the early morning or in the evening since we are in the mid 90s (F) these days.

  4. Funny about the peppermint spray! It confirms what I found out by accident a few weeks ago. We'd had a batch of ants find their way in our back yard and I grabbed my room freshener bottle that had peppermint oil mix in it. Lo and behold, those little ants died right away! I thought it was just a lucky thing!

  5. Like I say, You don't pay rent, you can't live here! Bugs have plenty of room to live in the woods. They don't need to invade our space.