Saturday, June 6, 2015

What do Bedding and House Hunting Have in Common? Not Much

What a lovely morning in this part of the USA.  The sun is shining with no humidity, after 4 days of down pours and showers.  The continued rain has my yard looking like a jungle.  I cut the grass the evening before the rain started, yet it looks like it hasn't been tended to in weeks.  As soon as the drying sun moves to the grassy area, it will be clipped and tended to this morning.  The spinach that has gone to seed will be pulled to make room for the melon plant that's peeking through the soil.  I will also replant a bunch of bean seeds so I can get at least a few plants from the seeds. 

The tomato plants are flourishing in the front yard pots, which is exciting.  They were too heavy to move when the rains began and I hoped and prayed they wouldn't get water logged and die on me.  The plants that are potted in the back yard were easily moved to below the eves to protect them from too much rain. The rain was coming down so hard for a day that it looks like it battered the dill plants.  I'll play the waiting game before I decide to pull them to see if they recover.

I read an article this morning about keeping a pantry bug free.  The first thought was I have most things in tight sealing containers.  Then a picture formed in my mind of the boxes of cereal I opened for the grands when they visited.  After breakfast I went to the pantry and threw out the boxes while sealing the inner bags in a food storage bag.  I threw some bay leaves on the floor and was, once again, (but I'm sure temporarily) satisfied.

Yesterday was a gloomy day so I stayed indoors deciding to wash all of the bedding, including the bed skirt.  I thought about how to remove it by myself and came up with using the 'jiggle' method.  I got on my knees and lifted a section of the mattress up with one hand using the other hand to 'jiggle' the skirt down towards the foot of the bed.  Then I went to the other side and repeated the process.  Rinse and repeat until the skirt was free.  I reversed the operation when the skirt went back on the bed.  It would have gone much quicker if there were two people working on the removal, but I did it trying to not think of that and concentrating on the final accomplishment.

The bed spread is a king size so I wasn't sure if my washer could handle it.  It worked fine, but the dryer didn't dry it after two hours.  I spread it on the kitchen table to dry and now it's in the sun on the patio table drying.

When I was making the bed with the clean bedding I began to chuckle to myself.  When the bedding is going on after it's washed the most affable care is taken to remove all wrinkles and make sure the folds are all lined up and done well.  The next day (as well as the following days)  I ignore the wrinkles and just bring up the spread and put the pillows in place.  That's the lazy streak in me rising to the surface. 

The other thing that sticks with me is being imperfect keeps me humble.  Never do I want to get to the point that I feel I can accomplish everything on my own.  I want to always need heavenly support in all I do - no matter how trite the task may seem.  I not only pray often, I offer up my duties and tasks as prayer for those in need.  I have no one in mind, but I figure God knows who is in need.  I'm a retired Italian Catholic woman.  That's what we do as our contribution to society.  Catholic women are known for being able to pray and work at the same time.  I'm proud of that feat.

The made bed (minus the spread that's drying in the sun) the
day the bedding is washed.   Everything nice and neat.  When
the spread is dry I'll take a picture to show you the lazy man
way the bed is put together.  When I'm expecting company
there are more elaborate pillows set up.  These are the ones
I lounge on.
I may be going with my daughter and her family to look at a house this afternoon.  So far the hunt has been unsuccessful, but when they find 'the house' they will know it would be the right one to turn into a home.  The houses she likes tend to reflect the cozy home she grew up in.  I want to say that every time, but I said it once and have been holding a smile back for the rest of them.  The house we are looking at today was individually spotted by S. and her husband.  They sent pictures to each other. 

Stay safe.


  1. I'm new here and am so glad I found you! I just love your style and writing and look forward to browsing your blog and getting to know you through the posts.

    Your bed looks so cozy in its simple clean beauty. Just the way a bed should be.

    1. A big welcome, Karla! Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad the blog is helpful to you.