Friday, June 19, 2015

Some Days Can be Rough, but We Shall Overcome

Thursday morning began like any Thursday with the trash to the curb and the milk box placed on the front porch for late night delivery.  Then out to the garden to pick the few blackberries that were ready a couple of weeks before the full crop should be.  It was then that unpleasant thoughts came to mind.  Thoughts that put me down as a failure.  Sadness covered me and I - at first - agreed with the put downs.   Then I recognized it for what it was.  My friends and family pulled me through with lots of prayer and words of encouragement. 

Those who know me know that there's not much I don't find a way to conquer.  It may take a few tears brought on by anger, but a way is always found to overcome.  Mostly I pray for wisdom then move forward with action.  I can't deny that I am a strong Catholic girl who is in love with what heaven offers.

Daughter number three called to invite me for a nice lunch.  After playing a couple of games of Memory (my favorite) we enjoyed a pasta bake, cold crisp celery, fruited jello and French bread.
Before I left she packed me enough for dinner.

A trip to Wal Mart grocery store with a few price matches was accomplished before I headed home. There were quite a few fresh veggies and fruit on the list such as a European cucumber, .99 cents (Grown in Canada!), cherries from Washington state, South Carolina peaches,.99 a pound, and one corn for .20.

Added to the good for me foods were three boxes of brownie mix, 1.00 and Oscar Mayer bologna, 16 ounces for 1.49.  I love bologna made in a sandwich with mustard, mayo, and bread and butter pickles.  A concoction my husband introduced me to in our early years of marriage.  I might add he was stoically patient with me while I made fun of him before he convinced me to try it.  I was instantly hooked.

The bologna package was opened so I replaced it with a
bunch of bananas!

A trip to the dollar store was needed to check for bread.  The bread was not interesting, but I did buy a pack of English muffins and a pack of bagels from a hoity toity baker.  Those are the items that are priced well over their worth, but at a dollar, are a bargain.  New items I picked up were windshield washer, cheese cloth, rubber gloves,  pop corn, and grill cleaner.  I was trying to figure out how to clean the table top grill I got off of the virtual yard sale site on Facebook.  Problem solved with the purchase of a cleaner and grill scrub brush at Dollar Tree.

It would be nice if I could jot down a list of accomplishments this week, but not much was accomplished.  I'm not sure where the week went, but I know I have neglected the floors and laundry.  Both of those things can't be put off any longer so they will be done today after a shower and the bed is made.

One thing I did do is go to Penney's to use my 10.00 of 10.00 purchase coupon.  The only thing I needed was soft socks, so I paid .85 cents for a pack of three and walked away from the register with a slight smile.  The smile was not only for the out of pocket expense, but the sale that was attached to that price, as well.

I wear socks all year these days.  These are soft and cuddly.

Penney's has a store within the store called Sophora.  I've never gone in to check it out, but I did that day.  I asked what the store was all about and was impressed with the explanation.  I'm not a big one for beauty products, I prefer natural items and very little make up.  This is in direct contrast of what was expected of me before I retired.  I have been enjoying that particular freedom since retirement, with the exception of special occasions. 

Since most facial cleansers react on my skin, my normal routine is a really hot wash cloth twice a day. This has worked well for me for years reducing any eruptions that occurred when I used cleansers.  There was one cleanser in the shop that caught my interest that was created with no additives or preservatives and was formulated for 'mature' skin.  After I use it for a while I'll reveal the name and do a review on it.

And how was your week?


  1. Here we say "Life is not always a walk in a rose garden." Some days or even many days can be rough. There are thoughts
    that bring sadness and we must endure it with patience. No situation lasts for ever. Without knowing burdensome days it is
    hard to cherish the happy times in life. That´s just my experience. I wish you good days.

    1. Thank you for your wisdom, C. Here we say ' We were never promised a rose garden' or 'Life is not a walk in the park'. Thank you. also, for the good wishes. I consider myself an extremely blessed woman. While I'm being thankful, I'd also like to thank you for commenting often. It's uplifting to me.

  2. Oh dear. I forgot to use my $10 off $10 JC Penney coupon before it expired! Dog gone it! Oh well.

    Isn't it remarkable just how Heaven offers us the perfect thing right when we need it so many times? God is quite amazing really. I know how it feels to suddenly find yourself in a pit of feelings and thoughts that seem to come from left field. It's not fun to deal with.

    The bologna sandwich sounds so tasty! I haven't had bologna in a couple of years at least! I love it with mayo, mustard and hamburger dill slices. Yum!

    1. I've not tried bologna with dill slices. It's now on my 'to do' list! Penney's will send you another coupon soon, I'm betting. I get one every month. The strategy is working for them.