Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Food and a 'Me' Day

Welcome to reader, Karla.  It was a nice surprise to see new comments from a new reader.  Thank you.

Something simple has just been revealed to me.  I have transitioned from grocery shopping every week to shopping every other week.  I'm not sure when this occurred, but it has.  I've been cooking up a small storm yesterday and today making some of my favorite foods.

Yesterday morning I made French toast-  the Italian way, cooked in a half inch of olive oil.  Since one egg netted four pieces I had two yesterday for breakfast, one this morning, with one saved for snack time.  This morning's breakfast included only one slice because I also had oatmeal, strawberries with home made whipped cream, and milk.  I was famished.  One would have thought I haven't seen food in days the way I packed it in this morning.  I think the weather has something to do with appetite because the humidity has gone way down after the storm we had last night.

This morning's hog fest!  I'm not a fan of foods being all mixed in
together, but I'm not put off by it either.  There's a famous dish made
 in my home town that's called a garbage plate that is to die for,  I'll eat
that until I feel like exploding!

Last night's meal was a huge stuffed artichoke (which I'll finish for lunch), garbanzo beans with small chunks of blue cheese and dressing, with strawberries and cream for dessert.  I also had a snack last night eating a slice of French bread I cooked up with peanut butter and a glass of milk.  (The loaf I froze the last time I made the bread was defrosted and cooked.)

This is the biggest artichoke I've ever seen.  Yummy!

I love a good storm and enjoyed listening to the thunder last night's storm brought with it.  I had no idea the storm got a bit out of control while I slept.  My back yard is a mess with organic debris this morning.  Thankfully none of the plants were affected.  Even the sunflowers didn't droop from the force of the winds.

I guess I have some work cut out for me today when the
yard dries out.

Yesterday was a take care of me day.  I rested, washed my hair, and did a pedicure.  Not a poke me as much as I can to get the last bit of cuticle removed one.   Just a feels good to have clean feet one.  When I worked I had a pedicure done every month.  I got tired of the poking and prodding so I do my own now.  When someone is working on your feet they have no sensation of the pain they are causing, they only have the goal of removing every thing in sight that doesn't belong there.  Ouch!

The pup was basking in he morning sun when I saw a small lizard run by.  He changed directions when he spotted the dog, but the dog was clueless and just kept snoozing.  I guess even older pups  gain wisdom as they mature.   Either that or she can't be bothered any more.

I'm off to a short appointment.  I hope your day is blessed and stay safe.



  1. If possible, I do weekly shopping because there are weekly special offers, I do not want to miss. I read the bargain advertisements
    we get in the mail-box and I buy with a shopping-list. It is a sort of sport for me.
    Garbanzo beans? That´s new to me. But I do know that there are so many different sorts of beans in the US. We mostly eat green beans. Really, that artichoke you prepared had the seize of a ball ! ( family-size)

    1. I have always shopped weekly until recently. I'm stocked up on foods for the pantry, but for the summer I eat pretty light and canned foods are heavy. The good thing about life is if I find I change my mind, no one gets hurt. I'm finding I'm doing quite a bit of transitioning these days. I'm learning new things and enjoying the experiences. I checked out W Morris. Quite a talented man in many areas. I have heard of the William Morris Society, but didn't put the two together.

  2. Angie thank you for warm and surprising welcome! I'm so glad I found your site.

    You aren't kidding - that is the hugest artichoke I've ever seen! What is it stuffed with? I've never cooked one before from fresh but I think I'd love it.

    The nice to me day sounds so lovely. I tend to forget to do those since I still work full time and don't have the initiative most weekends to add one more thing. Any special things you do during your pedicures? Especially for rough heels and cuticles?

    1. The artichoke is stuffed with bread dressing. I don't know how to put a link here to the post I recently did with the recipe, but it's not too far back. My husband had a problem (that he passed down to a couple of our children) with dry and cracked heels, but that's not one that plaques me. I only need to use an emery board designed to remove any unwanted skin. When I worked full time I utilized Sunday to rest and prepare for work the following week. I would do pedicure, manicure, prep my clothes, etc. All while watching a chick flick. Bu Sunday evening I was ready for a good night's sleep and the hectic week that followed. Full time work came after the kiddos were grown. Before that I worked weekends in a medical setting.