Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day with William Morris

I was pleasantly surprised to read a comment from reader 'Anonymous' quoting the famous English architect, William Morris.  I've not heard of him, but he seems like a pretty down to earth, bright, man as his philosophy was to have nothing in your home that is not useful or beautiful.  A modern day spin on this thought is the Konmari method where the author of the book instructs us to ask ourselves if an item brings joy.  I see this as the same line of thought.

I've taken a break from organizing and de cluttering for about a week to focus on other projects.  This morning brought with it a desire to continue the path of de cluttering.  One would think that I wouldn't have much since I moved in a bit over three years ago with a clean slate.  However, I have made some mistakes in the purchases I have made.  As an example I bought a juice container from a famous home party company when I moved in.  I have never used it because it's too big for my needs.  My family are big water drinkers so that is the drink of choice when they visit - straight from the refrigerator door.

I also recently purchased a set of four matching coffee cups that are bright and cheerful.  I always choose the unmatched cups that a family member gave me that have a sentiment on it or a picture imbedded on the surface.  Only twice have I chosen the matching cups, and that was when they were new.  The ones my family gave me bring joy.  The others are pretty, but no joy is evoked.  So, out they go.

The most recent cup sent to me from the North from
daughter number two.  This one brings joy to my heart.

The kitchen cupboards were emptied and wiped down with peppermint spray with only the useful and beautiful (in my eyes) items returned.  Useful and beautiful.  An especially easy formula to follow.

This morning's activity removed nineteen items from my cupboards.
All are in pristine condition so I will offer them to my daughters
before I send them off to donate.

I don't have many items in the garage because of the simple fact I live in a condo, I don't need many tools.  I have a rake, a broom, a hand fueled mower, and a leaf blower.  The other items consist of things like 'hurricane' water, canning supplies, gardening bin and tool bin.  Saturday I bought a second shelving unit to use for the items that were scattered on the floor.  I love the feel of the room now because it would take very little effort to set up a table and chairs for a family get together when the temperatures are too hot to enjoy the outdoors.  I'm seriously considering looking for a few beach looking items to hang on the walls.  I also have room to pull my vehicle in during inclement weather. (Hurricanes) 

During the sweeping I found a little spider behind the mower that was kind enough to catch a couple flies for me.  Even though I considered the fact that 'it was earning it's keep' I didn't want to take the chance of finding a number of babies running around the garage. 

The small grill will be going outside when the sun goes down a bit
this evening for a good scrub.  If it's stored under
the back eve the weather won't affect it. 
The dog?  I can move her any where else in the house with just
one word!   LOL

The shelves were wiped down with(you guessed it) peppermint spray and items re arranged to fit the space better. The floor also received a spray of the peppermint bug spray.  My house is beginning to smell like a peppermint shop!


  1. There are so many stages in life, and those affect household needs. We're at the stage of preparing for an "empty nest", but as we de-clutter, I'm mindful of what things each of our sons might need to set up their own first homes/apartments, which makes me careful about what gets donated or tossed. Young adults just starting out have so much to purchase! Often the budget is tightly limited. My first apartment (shared) was mostly "practical" vs. "beautiful" and included hand-me-down linens/towels, furniture, kitchen tools, a few old pots & pans, etc. Then I got married, had children, and focused on trying to keep our home tidy with two little boys. LOL! For many years, we had eclectic decor, although I dreamed of a home with matching, high quality, beautiful furnishings, tasteful art/accents and minimal clutter. My husband and I now talk about what we'd like for a home as we approach retirement. Getting older has meant I no longer like lots of little things to dust. When it's just the two of us, I won't need quite so many casserole or serving dishes in the cupboards, towels in the linen closet, blankets or bedding sets and so on. Plus, at that time--like you--I'll be better able to afford small quantities of high quality items that are beautiful to us. We've actually started in terms of a matching bedroom suite and some artwork!

    1. It sounds like you have a big chore ahead of you. There's enough time for you to make choices so I wouldn't worry about how long it will take. Good luck.

  2. P.S. I'm going to have to try that peppermint spray.

    1. That spray is the best thing since sliced bread. I can't praise it enough. I just made a new bottle today and went nuts with it. Time to buy stock in essential oils! LOL

  3. May I add, that William Morris is specially famous for his designs : Furniture, wallpaper, fabric, chinaware and so on. He was
    multi-talented. I love his designs so much and they are still manufactured or printed. Just beautiful !
    By the way, peppermint has a lovely smell. Fresh and agreable. I have lots of different peppermints in my garden and I use them for tea. And of course I dehydrate them, which is quite easy and the taste keeps for a long time.

  4. Wow you've been busy with the culling and cleaning! I am doing the same just much more slowly. LOL I did a bit of it when my youngest daughter moved out on Mother's Day last month and then I sat down and got stuck. Ha ha. I still have her empty boxes in my lady cave that used to be her bedroom. Being able to move some of my most precious items into that room freed up so much space in our small living room. I need to start pulling out the empty boxes and head to my bedroom to continue the declutter!

    1. I know the Konmare method suggests de cluttering quickly, but I say go at a personal pace. So much more is accomplished that way. Thank you for your comment. Empty nest takes some getting use to, eh?