Saturday, June 13, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Quite a few ladies on yoo toob do a video explaining what their favorite items are each month or every other month.  Since I enjoy watching these videos and learn about new items available, I thought I would make a list for my readers to see if you are interested in the same thing. (Let me know in the comment section or on  FB.  My list will include things that can't be bought, but things I consider to be fun and/or enjoyable.

Learning going back to basics recipes such as making mustard and mayonnaises

The squirt bottles I got from amazon to use for condiments in the refrigerator.  I don't understand why, but they create joy in me.

The idea to put rubber shelf lining in the refrigerator door to prevent glass bottles from shuffling around.

The time I spend with my family, especially the grandchildren creating bonds and friendships.

The calls I get in the evening (at his bedtime) from my five year old  grandson in the North to tell me about something he likes or what happened that day.

Bubble gum!

The foaming hand soap I learned to make.

Comments on my blog. These are encouraging me to continue because the comments demonstrate an interest in the blog.

The garden pictures a reader sent me from a European country.  They were beautiful and encouraging for me to continue on the garden journey,

Pictures, past and present, that family members post on Facebook.

My favorite yoo toob channel this month is  'Living Like Julie'.   Julie has developed a softness about her in the past few months that is appealing to me.  I'm glad I stuck with her channel.

Are there any favorite things you can think of that have brought you joy this month?  I'd love to hear what inspires you and brings joy to your heart.

Stay safe.



  1. There are things that are enjoyable AND useful. For example wise words and experiences that other people made.
    I am a great admirer of William Morris, architect, engineer and one of the most important artists of the Arts and Crafts
    Movement in England. He said : Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
    So true! 100%.

  2. It's funny you should write this comment as I am planning a post about this very subject. Today!

  3. Thanks for the Living Like Julie recommendation. I'm always looking for new ladies to follow on YouTube - especially about home care. I got so into the beauty gurus for awhile and then I realized it was taking up so much of my time in an area I simply don't spend a lot of time or money in (makeup). How funny when I finally realized it! So now I'm trying to find quality channels that deal with home care, organization, simplifying, etc.

    1. I watched a few beauty gurus and came up with the same conclusion. They were all so young where Julie is more in my age group. I do listen to her with an opened mind. I'm glad you like her.