Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Joyful Transformation

Quite a few of the ladies I watch on yoo toob have read a book titled 'The KonMari Method of Organizing'.  The book has inspired them to declutter their homes and it is enriching their lives by experiencing the joy of a streamlined home environment.  Not only has the information in this book helped people to live a more simple life, it seems to transform some of their personalities in a more peaceful and loving way.

I have not read the book, but I have followed through on some of the suggestions my yoo toob ladies have mentioned they read in the book.  The information tends to work on the spirit as well as the home environment.

Yesterday I watched a video by 'Living Like Julie' (Video below) where she admitted she does follow the method outlined in the book, but tweaks it to match her personal needs.  She moves slower in the decluttering process because she wants to maintain her efforts.  Julie is currently going back through items she decluttered in the winter to see if there were items she didn't use.  This is brilliant!  She has inspired me to do the same.

While following this train of thought a realization flashed before me this morning.  I keep things 'in case' I will need them in the future.  I thought I dealt with that glitch a few days ago while watching Julie's video, but it appears that I only dealt with the obvious things like holding on to children's clothing in case I needed it.  I did this for a number of years because I knew we couldn't afford to replace an item that we 'may' need.

This morning I realized I still cling to this mentality, but with smaller more practical items such as toiletries and even food. 

As an example I have a bottle of my favorite perfume.  I thought I was forgetting to use it because it was in a drawer in the bathroom.  So to remedy that I got a tray and set it up in my closet where I choose clothing for the day as a reminder that I have it and can use it whenever I want.  Still, I don't use it often.  This morning I realized why.  I'm afraid to run out of it and never be able to purchase it again.  This is absurd because I can purchase it any time I want.  Or not, if I choose.  The mentality that developed when we were broke is still haunting my spirit dragging down the joy that that item could bring.

Who knew that our consumer habits are formed by emotional set backs?  I knew the obvious, but not the hidden secrets behind the things we don't pay attention to.  Armed with this new information my spirit is a little bit more free and joyful.  All of the little bits add up to reveal a complete picture of joyfulness.  I like joyfulness!

I have asked myself what brings joy to me.  Top of the list is a clean and un cluttered environment.  That's a no brainer.  My pup brings a smile to my heart whenever I look at her under bite and uneven eyes.  (One is a boxer breed eye and the other is a bull dog breed eye.)  She is beautiful to me and makes my heart melt when I look at her.

A small thing that brings joy is the clear squirt bottles I purchased on amazon with credit card points to fill with condiments in the refrigerator.  They are clear and match in size and shape.  A small thing, but joyful to me.

How meat is this?  These are the items I use most with meals.
I have two more that I can fill.  I'm thinking one will be for home
made salad dressing.

I think I'm liking the joyful transformation I'm currently going through.  My smile is becoming more relaxed and real because of the small things in life.

Stay safe.


  1. I know you're a lover of books, and it's available new or used on Amazon. :-) We've been decluttering for months in our home, but this week I was grateful I hadn't yet purged the linen closet, because we needed a set of sheets for a double bed. Family is in town staying at a vacation rental. The rental agency said we'd need to provide sheets for 2 king beds, 2 queen beds, a twin and a double, as well as towels for all 8 family members. We had just enough extras of the king, queen and twin beds--as well as quite a few older towels I thankfully hadn't torn into cleaning rags--which left the double bed sheets. I thought we'd have to buy a set. Then going through the stacks of sheets, I found one set for a double bed that we've hung onto for nearly two decades! The pillow cases are faded, but the sheets are otherwise fine, and it saved some money to have them on hand. On very rare occasions, our pack rat tendencies come in handy. We no longer own a double bed! Haven't for years. If we'd had to buy a set, it would have been only used a few nights and then donated to Goodwill. But I do (very much) understand the principles of not keeping a lot of unused "clutter" around just taking up space. It's a tricky balance, don't you think?

    1. Wow, saved by the bell! I've been 'thinking' about you often. Enjoy the week and congratulate your son for me. :)

  2. Do you fill the contents of the original shop bought bottles or jars into your new-bought bottles? How do you know the
    date of expiration then? Or do you write it on the bottles? I always have my home made salad dressing in glass jars,
    as I find this easier to clean. I never buy ready made dressings. I have all the herbs I need for this in the garden. Mostly
    I make a classical vinaigrette.

  3. I've lost this reply twice already. Here's the next try. I record the dates in a book I use every day that has notes in it among other things like grocery shopping lists and recipes. The bottles hold 24 ounces so I have to be aware of the size bottles I purchase. (on sale) I like mustard and use mayonnaise sparingly and never ketchup. I have those two items for visitors, for the most part. I also make vinaigrette when I use a dressing. Sometimes I eat a salad plain.

    1. That made me smile! I have always thought, my husband has a funny habit, as he ALWAYS eats salads plain.
      So he gets his extra serving and he eats green lettuce leaves like a rabbit (that´s what I say to him.) But I need a good
      vinaigrette. Always ready in the fridge, made for a week or so. That´s so practical and frugal too.

    2. LOL! I'm trying to picture this and can only giggle like a school girl with the image I conjure up.

  4. I can identify with the "just in case" habit. I think part of the rut I get stuck in is because it seems like I keep something for so long just in case and then when I finally get rid of it, sure enough I suddenly need it! What is that all about!? LOL

    I like the idea of consciously thinking about what brings joy.