Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The First Farmer's Market

I hope all the dads out there had a great day with their families on Father's Day.  I'm not sure if this day is celebrated across the globe, but my wises go out that far.

One of my son in laws worked so we went to his work to surprise him with hugs and kisses from his family and a basket of goodies.

Monday I was feeling lazy, yet again!  I thought this has to stop so I watched the one show that motivates me to get up and get going.  You guessed it, Hording, Buried Alive.  Half way through I was up and flying through the laundry room, powder room, and back hall area.  The doors, walls, and floors were washed as was everything else in the areas. I used thieves oil soap to disinfect the powder room and dog's area, then sprayed the peppermint spray when I was done.  Today the bedroom and master bath are on the agenda.

Saturday daughter number one and I went to Kohl's to use my 30% off coupon.  I didn't think I needed anything, but what I found was something I have been scouring the thrift shops for.  A tea kettle.  There was a sale on them for 60% off.  Coupled with my coupon I paid 8.40 for a stainless steel tea kettle.  There were so many items at the 60% off sale prices that I bought a few more items that are intended as gifts.  I also grabbed a 10.00 free cash certificate.  I now have a nice start to my Christmas shopping and hope to be done by September.  I do not shop during the holiday season.  I haven't for too many years to remember.  The aversion began when my oldest was two and in a stroller.  People were trampling her without thought.  WoW!  How callous can we get?  I made up my mind way back then that consumerism was not for me.  I never want to be that person who doesn't see a toddler in a stroller because there's a sale going on.

Before we graced the doors of Kohl's we hit up the Farmer's Market and had a fun time checking out the produce offered by local farmers.  A few things, such as the cherries, were from other parts of the country, but for the most part the food was local.  The market is opened Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings this year, with two locations available.  Since in my elderly age I'm unable to walk long distances, my daughter dropped me off at the stall area and parked the car, meeting me at the first stall.  In my glory, I bought spinach, cherries, peaches, and beans.  It's early in the season so there will be so much more to look forward to in the weeks to come.

The beans ready to be blanched.  I'm sorry to say,  the
additional pictures will not download. 
This morning I pulled seven heads of garlic to make more room for the melon plant in the garden.  The tomatoes are doing well so far as are the cucumbers.  The berries have gone wild and crazy so I'm looking forward to the harvest then cutting them back.  The sun flowers are also going wild as they are three quarters of the way up the six foot fence.  Even thought I put compost in the hole when I planted the marigold, it's slow to grow.  The seeds are from my large plants from last year. Time will tell.

The temperature is suppose to hit 100 today with a heat index of 110 degrees.  I best get a move on cleaning the bedroom before it's too hot to think.  I know I have air conditioning, but somehow my body knows how hot it is outside.

Stay safe.


  1. In our region we also have many markets where local country products are sold. In our village there is also a sales stall
    without a salesperson where customers can get vegetables and fruits and they put the money in a small cassette that is
    fixed there. This is quite popular. Nice to hear, that your tomatoes, cucumbers and so on are growing so well. So you can
    look forward for nice results. But that heat, you wrote about is not so very pleasant. So I can only say: Keep cool.

  2. The word 'village' conjures up vision of safety and a simple life style. I like the word. In the rural area I lived in in NY farmers had to tend to the fields, so they left a money box at the veggie stand. This worked well, too. Even though I currently live in a larger area, I have come across many honest people. It feels good to relax a bit and not have the expectation that someone's dishonest and will 'r[p' a person off for financial gain. New Yorkers are notorious for such an attitude.