Monday, June 29, 2015

The Hoarders Show. A Love Hate Relationship

I began watching the hoarder shows again because I am getting lazy in this heat.  Those shows continue to motivate me to leave the lazy zone and join in the active zone.  I thought I was being lazy, but blood work revealed anemia.  Even though meat is not my favorite food, I have been trying hard to consume a little each day.  I sure hope bologna counts as a source for meat.

The only surface in my home I wouldn't advise a person to eat off is in the bathroom.  I have cleaned floors, walls, sinks, toilets, counters, tubs and showers, windows, patio, and most everything else with the exception of the couch, which will be next.  All I needed was a motivational video!

During the process I moved items around to bring a fresh feel to some rooms.  I changed out the back of the powder room toilet to reflect the warmer weather and changed the top of the refrigerator to reflect the same. I have decided to go with the 'if it brings joy' philosophy.  As an example:  I feel a smile when I see the tin I turned into a toilet paper holder, but not the flower arrangement I put together to sit next to it.  The arrangement served a purpose at the time, a purpose I no longer need.  The arrangement will be donated to a young lady that is trying to get a comfortable home put together for her children.  If there is someone who can enjoy the item, them the six dollars I spent on making it is not a waste of resources.

I really wish I was better at photos.  This arrangement is so much
more charming than the photo reveals.  For the summer months
I'm repurposing the paper roll holder to display soaps and
paper hand towels.  The cap is tucked behind the tin.

The large tin rooster appears to be proud that he is taller
than anyone else.  In winter months he has a spot on the
counter in front of the glass jars.

The next thing I'd like to talk about is nature.  Nature thinks about every detail of recycling.  A tree grows from a seed that came from a tree.  Then in the fall it drops leaves to protect the soil and the leaves decompose to create new and enriched soil.  This cycle is true for all vegetation.  The foods we eat can be fully recycled, as well.  A chicken lays eggs that provide protein.  The shells can be washed and pulverized to provide calcium for the soil used to grow food.  The chicken is roasted to provide the first meal.  Then an additional meal can be formed with the left overs, say - chicken salad or chicken and gravy.  The bones go into a pot with bits of meat on them, throw in a few veggies and soup is another meal.  The bones can then be retrieved to provide stock that's used to create gravies and other soups.  The only thing that's discarded is the bones, but only if you don't want to treat a cat.

I'm enamored with the cycle of natural things.  Who of us could have provided such a complete removal system? 

Stay safe.


  1. Yes, there are stifling hot summerdays now. In this south-west part of Germany we have 95 degrees Fahrenheit and it
    will be even more in the next days. So I often switch on the fan and I avoid going out. I do all garden work in the very early
    morning and leave things as they are looking forward for a good rain some day. And we drink water with lemon juice, which I
    find the most suitable refreshment during the heat.
    Have a good time!

    1. That's all my family drinks in the summer - lemon water. Stay cool. I've decided to let the garden be, as well. Too hot!

  2. LOVE your bathroom and the rooster. :-) If you don't like meat, kale, spinach and swiss chard all have lots of iron in them. Maybe a salad every day? Be sure to have some high vitamin C juice with the salad, or a dressing made with lemon or lime juice, because it helps the body absorb the iron from foods. I had to laugh when I read about the Hoarders TV show. It has the same effect on me! The episodes I can't watch are the ones with roach infestations. Ewww. I just discovered that your chicken (or other) bones, once used to make broth and cooled, can be dried in the oven and crushed or powdered to go into the garden soil or your compost pile as homemade bone meal.

    1. There's lots of good information in your post. Lemon with spinach it is. And the chicken bone grinding makes me a happy girl! If I ever eat chicken, I'll be sure to do this! Thank you for your comment.