Thursday, July 2, 2015

What is a 'This and That' Lunch?

I've been a bit ill, so forgive the lack of posting.  I think today will be a 'this and that' post.  When our kids were small and I wanted to use up small bits of fresh foods I'd tell them we're having a 'this and that' lunch.  They loved the term and no noses were turned up at the last piece of cheese or the last carrot in the refrigerator.

This morning I wanted to preserve the carrots that lurked in the refrigerator so I blanched them and they are currently in the dehydrator.  The top rack is half full of bay leaves that came off the plant in the backyard.  I have some parsley that's ready to grind and garlic that is drying. I've been doing light duty things in the kitchen.

Monday I canned five pint jars of cherries with all of them sealing.  The carrots in the garden also got weeded on Monday. 

Since I have to rest more than work this week I have been re watching a BBC series on  the World War II farm in England.  When I like a series, I'm known to watch it over and over again.  Each time I find additional information that I missed the time before.

One of my favorite movies to watch over again is The Devil's Advocate.  I hated it the first time I watched it, I think because I was scared.  For some unknown reason I watched it again - most likely because my husband did.  I went past the crude language that popped up every so often and began to notice the message of the movie.  Looking at Keanu Reeves wasn't too difficult either.

My favorite movies are: The Godfather - all three parts, Nanny McFee, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Storm of the Century, and the Stand.  Once in a while I'll watch Baby Boom.  How's that for an eclectic mix?  I won't even try to figure that one out.

I also own DVDs with Clara, Two Fat Ladies and Jamie Oliver.

I like cook books, too.  My favorite books are written by Ina Garten.  Did you know in a past life she was the Minister of Energy for the USA?  Wow, what a turn around.  She is obviously a person who knows how to navigate success.  More power to her.

I've been missing my mate this week quite a bit.  I think because the anniversary of his passing is on July seventh.  Most widows are interested in someone else by now, but I'm not that bright.  My loyalties still lie with a man I can't see or be with any longer.  I've accepted this is the way I feel and go with the flow.  Maybe there is some sort of glitch in me, but I'll go on the premise 'what I don't know won't hurt' when it comes to this.

Harris Teeter grocery store has buy two packages of coffee, get three free.  The final cost came to about 2.20 a package.  Difficult to beat that price.  I chose the hazelnut as it's my favorite kind of coffee.  I also got a personal size watermelon, bananas, grape tomatoes, and cookies.  The kind with peanut butter in the middle.  Oh, yummo!

The other store I visited was Ross and found a patch (scratch) kit for the hardwood floors.  I've been looking for one for a while now.  Patience, in this case, was definitely a virtue.  The kit has five different shades of stain so it can be used on just about any wood surface.  I feel like I hit pay dirt with this one!

That's about all I've been up to this week.  Time to go rest again.  Stay safe.


  1. In every household there are "This and That" meals from time to time. Sometimes you can add these food remains to a soup or gratinate them on a slice of bread or just use them as a side dish. That´s okay. Specially when it´s so terribly hot as it´s today.You just want to drink and drink and not leave the house. But early in the morning we picked the last sour cherries and I froze several packages. I also made "cherries in brandy" (sour cherries, sugar and covered with brandy) This is delicious with ice cream , specially in winter.
    You said, you were a bit ill. So I wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. It is hot, isn't it? Lots of water with ice and staying indoors is a good idea. Stay safe, C.

  2. We have some things in common and isn't that always exciting to find others we like who are like us?

    Our top favorite movies are also The Godfather parts I, II, & III. We are known to quote it regularly and it gets watched multiple times per year along with The Lord of the Rings Series, Star Wars Series and Harry Potter series. Can you tell we like epics?! LOL

    I adore Ina Garten - she's my favorite TV chef and I own all of her cookbooks (several I ordered from her website just so I could have them autographed by her). Luckily, her show is on in my area right at the same time I take my lunch break at work so I get to watch her in our break room while eating lunch.

    I'm so sorry about your week of sadness. In my mind, it only seems right to feel that missing piece so greatly on such occasions. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you reminisce on happier times and as you work to get yourself happier.

    Oh - is there any flavor of coffee better than Hazelnut? I think not! I love hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer and a side of toast with Nutella (more hazelnut!). Ha! It just goes to show why I'm so nutty.

    1. Thank you for letting me know I can get a signed copy of Ina's books on her web site. Up until this point I've carted myself to Barnes and Noble. Her new book is out and I almost bought it the other day, but had a change of heart. Now I know why! Stay safe.

  3. I forgot to add - in our house the This and That meals are called FYO (fix your own). :)