Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Lettuce is Pulled and the Week Was Lazy!

Today is a hot and humid day in the South.  I got ready to go to the grocery, but I'm waiting until a little latter when the sun is not so glaring.

The week has been quiet, The lettuce has been pulled from the garden and washed a few times to make it sparkling clean.  Dinner will have a salad of lettuce and chick peas along with some barbeque pork that has been in the freezer.  A small piece of the French bread I made on Friday will be an addition so I can sop up the salad dressing.  Earlier this week I made some tuna salad which netted
three sandwiches.  The first one was a grilled tuna with cheese and tomato while the other two went into the refrigerator for later meals.  I ate from the cupboards this week to use up some items.  The refrigerator is mostly bare now, as well.
I forgot that I lined the refrigerator door tray the milk goes in
so the glass bottles wouldn't slide around when the door was opened
or closed.

I used a shelf liner from the dollar store in the refrigerator.
This has been working well because I don't hear the bottles
shifting around when I open the door.

The lettuce needed to get pulled because the temperature
has gotten too high.  I didn't let it bolt this time because
I think I will take a readers suggestion and use the space for
something else next year.


I live on the Inter Coastal Waterways which separates my house from the eldest daughter's house.  When vessels need to pass through, the bridge is raised.  On the way home last night the bridge was up so I took a detour and went to the dollar store to see if they had sunglasses that would fit over my glasses.  In a few minutes I was back in the car with sun glasses on.  I don't know how much I saved by going to the dollar store, but I'm sure it was over 10.00. ( a conservative estimate)

My accomplishments were few this week.  The grass was clipped, the lettuce pulled and the soil turned.  Two loads of wash plus sheets along with the small things I do every day to keep order in the house. (dishes, make the bed, etc.) 

Not much is going on which makes me content.  The days of running around like a chicken without a head are over for me.  Thankfully I have the pleasure of choosing what I want to do now.  It has not always been like that.  Now my days start when I choose while in the past they started at five in the morning and went non stop until at least ten in the evening.  I think I would drop over if I still had to live like that.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Right after the lettuce that you removed, you could plant some bush beans. I think, that would also be right in your climate
    zone. Or you buy some plants of cucumber, zucchini or bell pepper. It is always good when the soil is covered with plants
    or at least with mulch.This keeps the soil moist, specially in summer. To cultivate some potatoes is always rewarding, but that
    is a bit late now.

    1. I'm almost certain I will plant bush beans. The peppers I planted last year were true pepper taste. Too much for me. The beans were delightful. Tomorrow I will put the mulch the landscapers put in front of my gate in the garden. They pile it up so I can't open the gate. I don't get why they do that, but I won't let it go to waste. At first it was irritating, then I figured out how to use this problem to my advantage.