Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Organizing, Part 4

I had this post written up, and almost completed, a few days ago.  To my surprise my computer ate it and never returned the post.  Rather than getting upset, I walked away until it struck me to redo the post.

The last entry in this series is meant to help us reflect on storage and stockpiles.  The end result will not be the same for everyone because we all have different needs and commitments, as well as the amount of space available.  I would only ask that the foundation of whatever you come up with is kept in mind.  The foundation of all of our efforts is scrutinizing the amount of real estate space we have and how we'd like to use it.  This differs with personal needs.

To begin, ask yourself what you want to get out of this exercise.   Taking notes on a scrap of paper to remind yourself later what the goals are can be helpful.  As an example:  Do you need more useable drawer space in the kitchen?  What can you do to accomplish this?  Do you need a junk drawer or can the things that reside  in there be placed in a pretty bin and stored in sight to add to your decorating theme?
(I just gave myself an idea.)  Do you use all of the kitchen towels you have, or can they be rotated or pared down?  Maybe there are three boxes of disposable baggies in a drawer.  Having one open and one as backup may work for you.  These are the questions that will help you look at your personal space and use it to it's full advantage.

Organizing and de cluttering can be such a cleansing thing.  Not so much because the end result is reached, but more because we learn about our true wants and needs.  We grow and mature with knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Power to be more content and relaxed as we strive for that simple life everyone is talking about.

Items To Reflect On

Linens: towels, sheets, table cloths, cloth napkins
Storage items for food: foil, wraps, baggies, etc.
Repurposed glass jars
Office supplies: pens, paper, staples, etc.
Freezer containers
Make up
Nail polish ( Do you really love all 100 bottles?)
Holiday decorations:  If you chose not to use it last year, you're unlikely to use an item in the future.

Cleaning out the kitchen towel drawer made room for me to add
the wraps I use most often.  Organizing is an on going process
that makes life easier.

There's nothing wrong with re thinking what we have bought in the past.  As we mature, our needs evolve.  It's up to us to recognize the changes and rise to meet them.

Stay safe.

PS:  Welcome to a new follower, Elizabeth.  Thank you for liking this blog.  We hope to hear from you in the comment section now and again.


  1. What you wrote reminds me of an advice often heard in these days: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. This also means we can live
    happily with less. For some people it means, to get rid of unnecessary items. This can give us a sort of freedom and we
    get more time for important moments in life.

  2. I agree with what you say. For me it's a balance. It always has been. I will go to a restaurant, but only occasionally. Things like that. I'm no commando about anything. People do what's comfortable for them until they realize it's not so comfortable. Then they evolve. It's the evolution process that brings wisdom and understanding of life.