Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memories of A Sailor and Current Things

The weekend was so active that I haven't gone out this week with the exception of a dollar store trip with my daughter.  Morning wake up time has been normal, but I fall back to sleep an hour or so after I wake up.

Pretty pup basked in the sun as I planted a few seeds.  I added to the parsley pot, planted some marigold seeds at the edge of the garden, and planted a few heirloom melon seeds in the bare spot that was created when I pulled the radishes.

A few minutes to watch some videos and I was sleeping again.  I have favorite videos I watch that include ideas about decorating, cooking, and organizing.  The last few days, however, I have been watching dollar store haul videos.  I'm ashamed to call my finds 'hauls'.  These women really haul. I thought I had an addiction to nice paper, but I'm a novice compared to these ladies. They purchase multiple stickers, tape and paper items.  One girl had three large bins filled with pads of paper.  I'm not sure there would be enough years to use it all.  The dollar stores are a great resource for keeping life frugal, but These hauls bring a new meaning to the word frugal.. 

The Dollar Tree has some great food finds, such as the frozen fruits and veggies that contain no additives or preservatives, brand name breads, and even pure and organic foods.  Most of the gift wrap is made in the USA and the tape is a national brand.  I love the washi tape they have as well as the seeds and garden hand tools.  I try to remember to visit the store before I shop for anything else on my list because there is a chance the store has an item on my list.  This week I picked up a pair of small wire cutters and a box of Cow Tails.  This is where I buy bubble gum to have when the sugar cravings hit, too.  I can't say I've never bought labels there because I have.  A total of three packs to use in various projects is enough.  I love to look at everything, but for the most part I go to a dollar store with items in mind.  Most of the time I am successful.

As the saying goes in this part of the country, 'Bless their little hearts' for loving that store.

This is Bob with our son many years ago when Jr. first learned 
to ride his bike.
Cooking hasn't been on the agenda this week so far as I brought food home from a picnic we had on Monday.  Memorial Day and Veteran's Day have a deep meaning for my family.  It is because of the service my husband did for our country that he is no longer with us.  This fact is in the back of our minds and each of us is reminded through the weekend of our great loss.  To us, it is a great loss.  My husband was the best dad and a great husband.  To us he was perfect, even his faults were perfect. We remember those faults with a combination of laughter and quiet tears.  He will never be forgotten by his family.  The pain and suffering he endured most of his adult life will always be remembered with sadness, yet his infectious smile will be remembered with love.

Bob with one of our new born grandchildren a couple of months before he passed.
He loved children and felt honored to protect and care for them.

Bob was a man's man.  So when a fellow staffer was astonished when he found out Bob believed in God, Bob's reply was he wanted to err on the safe side.  The man was puzzled by this response.  Bob went on to explain his philosophy - If there was a God and he didn't believe, there would be hell to pay.(literally) If there wasn't a God and he believed there was, there was no consequence.  LOL!  Only Bob could get someone thinking about such a subject.

The tomato plants are doing so well that I gave one to my daughter and I transplanted one into another large pot.  I have a total of four in two pots.  They seem to like their home in the front yard.  I hope they continue to grow and produce lots of fruit.  This will be the last year I plant them if these plants fail.

I haven't really accomplished much this week.  One of the bigger projects was to clean the garage.  I swept it and sprayed home made bug spray.  Videos were also a big part of my week.

What did you do this week?  I bet it was more than I did! LOL

Stay safe.


  1. You wrote about your precious memories.To read this was particulary touching to me. What your late husband once said about
    believing in God or not, reminds me very much of the french mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal and his famous
    Pascal´s Wager. Maybe you know about this..

  2. I'm so happy Bob's memory touched your heart. Have you ever wondered why Pascal was into math and - at the opposite end of the intellectual spectrum - philosophy? The man was brilliant. I bet that's where Bob got his thoughts from. Thank you for your comment.