Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Weekend

I'm not sure when this will get posted, but this morning is a sunny, yet cool early Sunday morning.  Since the term 'cool' is relative I'd define it in this area as being in the 60s.  As soon as I got out of bed the garden got a visit.  Among the plants that were woken up to my prodding were the marigolds and dill.  Both are in pots as seedlings with little production.  Each pot has only two seedlings peaking out.  I aerated the soil and gave them a drink placing them on the patio table where both of the plants will get more sunlight.

The radish experiment did not go well (I didn't cull the seeds when they were babies to see what would happen.)  The space was needed for additional food, so I pulled the radishes and weeded the area to make room for something else.  I also amended the soil with compost, egg shells, and coffee grounds.  A rest for a couple of days and something else will go in the space.  I may plant a melon plant knowing the spinach will be pulled as soon as seeds are formed.  Since the spinach is next to the radish space I'm hoping there will be plenty of room for a melon plant or two.

The beans have not broken through the soil yet, but the sunflowers have.  There are four flowers along the fence near the gate.

Saturday was fun because my eldest daughter picked me up to take me shopping for tops.  I found two - a black and a white one - at Target on sale for 5.40 each.  If they last a year, I'll be satisfied. Then we had to go to the book store with the kids in tow.  Each of them can choose ten dollars worth of books that grandma will happily pay for.  I bought one book and my daughter picked up one, as well.

At home we went our separate ways, me for a short nap and her to the YMCA for a lay by the poolside with my other daughter.  Of the two in the Northeast, one had a garage sale and the other spent quiet time at their cottage.

My daughter in law posted some of the items for sale in the garage sale on Facebook.  The eldest spotted a toy police car in a box of hot wheels and requested that be sent to her.  I told her she had eagle eyes to have spotted that car in the box of many.  Since her husband is a peace officer they collect little police cars.  Not too many, though.

I have no plans for today, but since it is Sunday (the day of rest) I will not do any housework other than dishes and make the bed.  It's difficult for me to go an entire day without the bed made up.  Even when all four kids were growing up my bed was made most days.  My mother in law, who had eight children, told me if a bed is made and the dishes were done a home felt more comfortable,  I took that to heart because she was a wise lady.

While I have been writing about organization, I have also been working on an organizational project.  The master bedroom closet has been receiving a tweaking.  This is the perfect time since I finally changed over winter clothes for summer ones.

The closet is a nice size so I've tried to use it to it's fullest advantage without crowding and cluttering it up.  The closet not only holds my clothes it holds: shoes, a sewing basket, craft items, medicines stored on a shelf so the kiddos don't get into them, winter sweaters in bins, extra pillows, stuffed animals that my grands have given me, and a tray displaying the scent items I use.  A picture hangs on the back wall that was a birthday gift from the COO of the company I worked for.  The picture is a reminder of the good times during that season of my life.

Summer clothes and a couple of winter tops in case the weather
dips.  I also keep the four dresses I own in here all year.  Two
for winter, two for summer.  All pans stay in this closet, as well.
Dressy pants can be worn in any season.

These bins hold craft supplies and medicines/ toiletries.

The bins on the top shelf hold winter sweaters and socks.

Stay safe.


  1. Nice and clean; I wish my own closet looked like that !

    1. LOL! I know what you mean. That was m wish for years. Keep in mind I' m retired. If I remember correctly you are currently in the work force. That makes a big difference. And as strange as it sounds, organizing is my way of relaxing.

  2. Such a closet must be a very practical facility. You can store clothes etc. out of sight, but easy to reach, Very good.
    As we do not have a closet, we must find other places , for instance an unused guest-room.
    I can understand, that organizing can be a way of relaxing. Specially when you have such successful results !
    And you know that it will save you even more time in future.

  3. What I didn't mention is how much a person can save by organizing. I've often heard women say they knew they had something but couldn't find it. They go out and but an item again because an immediate need is there. Organizing saves money and stress, as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Loving your series on organizing! Since my husband and I still have (now adult) sons at home--and therefore have need of more stuff than will be necessary later on--certain areas of our home can be challenging. Like the kitchen and linens. I'm purging the linen closet and replacing some items. Our closets hold all season clothing, and we've always been good about keeping those organized according to type (short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, pants/jeans, etc.) and color. For example, all of my polo shirts are in one section, hung from light to dark colors. Ditto tee shirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters and so on. We keep our dresser drawers organized, too. Because one can accumulate too many items of clothing, our new rule is for each new purchase, something old has to go into a donation bag or get tossed.

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying the series. When I'm no longer on this earth, my children will have a reference guide. We all work with the space we have. I just want people to feel safe, comfortable, and secure in their homes.