Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Small Dollar Tree Haul, After a Visit to the Physician

I had some annual blood tests done on Friday.  When the doctor called me with the results she asked me if I had recently been sick because my white cell count was a little high.  No, not really, just a bit tired and an ear that was difficult to hear from.  She advised me to follow up with my primary doctor, so as a dutiful girl, I did just that.  I'm not really dutiful, as I was looking for ways not to call the doctor.  Until I woke up this morning with a painful face.  Yep, it's time again for the semi annual sinus infection.  So off I went to visit my primary care physician.

I indeed did have a sinus infection on the right side of my face.  The left ear was plugged, not because of the changing barometric pressure, but because it too was infected.  A double whammy!  Off to the drug store to fill the antibiotic prescription, then on to the Dollar Tree.  I couldn't waste the trip out without checking what the dollar store was offering this week.  I spent eight dollars. 

Four of those dollars went to 4 eight pound bags of soil that will go into planters for tomatoes.  This year the plan is to put three pots in the driveway close to the house where the tomatoes will get all of the morning sun light.  It will also be more difficult for predators to find the plants.  I hope!

I also packed in the cart four packs of seeds, two of them being heirloom varieties - carrots and lettuce.  I know these veggies are not expensive in the stores, but they are so tasty fresh from the garden.  The other two packs are not heirloom varieties, but radishes and parsley are two favorites, as well.

They also had well made decorative pots that looked to be mistakes from a high end manufacturer.  The mistakes were in the glaze, inside of the pot where no one can see once the soil and plant are in the pot. 

There were multiple colors of this pot available, but I'm more
of a natural color girl, so black was chosen.

The remaining items are not so exciting.  I picked up a pack of 25 screen cleaners.  If I knew what the cleaner is made from, I'd make my own.  Since I have no clue I bought a pack that should last at least twenty five weeks.  The main reason I needed them is my computer is a touch screen model.  The fingerprints - even if they are my own - bother the hey out of me.  I also invested a dollar in small pieces of sticker paper to see what I can come up with.  I'm thinking of using it on the Easter tree squares I made to add a bit of spring color.  We'll see.

Who knew sticker paper was available? 

The time has come to take a short nap.  These infections are beating my butt!

Stay safe.


  1. We all have something like a "weak point" concerning our health. The older we are the better we know. So we have to live with these facts and be prepared. I wish you a quick recovery.
    What kind of predators do you mean? People who steal tomatoes? That would be sad .
    Even when this person is poor this would not be an excuse for such meanness.
    As to parsley I have the Italian sort and I have collected the seeds every fall. Works perfectly.

    1. By predators I mean horn worms. I've never come across them before I lived here. They are unsightly little things.