Friday, March 20, 2015

The Evolution of Holiday Decorating

Since it's raining and quite gloomy this morning I have settled in to watch videos on yoo toob.  There are a few ladies I have been watching because I learn more about decorating - specifically, holiday decorating, from them.  This is something I have just gotten into thinking about.  Christmas has always been a big decorating time for me, but all other holidays pretty much went to the wayside with the exception of window clings or a table center piece.

Today I watched a series of videos about table scapes.  I had no idea there was such a thing before.  A centerpiece on the dining table is all I have ever seen anyone do.  Maybe a candle on each side of the centerpiece.  These ladies go the mile with place settings, center pieces, as well as other small items such as name cards and menus.  I know I won't go the whole mile, but I will travel down the road of tablescaping for maybe half of the mile.

One lady explained the benefits of raising items up on a stand.  I have a springy looking cake stand, so I used it to prop up the wooden bunny I have in the center of the table.  With a place mat under the cake plate there was enough room to put the candy jar and jar of pink polka dotted straws to the side.  I like it.  I don't know if the evolution process will continue, but for now I'm comfortable with what I have done.  I keep reminding myself this is a work in progress.

I took things from around the house to add to this centerpiece. 
The cupcake candles are from the dollar store, as are the candy
and the straws.  The placemat under the display was
on sale (clearance) at Dillard's.  The four placemats surrounding the
center were also from Dillard's clearance section.

Remember the sticker paper I got at the dollar store earlier this week?  I was under the impression it was sticky paper, but soon realized it was paper that can be used to place favorite stickers on to create your own sticker book.  Even with the new information, I went ahead and cut squares out to match the size of the plain card stock ones I made for the Easter tree.  They got glued on top of the plain squares and have added a bit of festive color to the tree project.  The grandchildren can use the backs to write their names or draw a picture.  Again, this may evolve even further, but for now I'm satisfied.

In this photo you can see the evolution of the hanging tags on the Easter tree.
I left some of the tags plain card stock to, hopefully, add interest.  Each
tag has a small doily sticker in the center.  The ribbon is cream and
mint green that I bought at the dollar store.  That store has the
neatest things in it.


The tulips were moved onto the counter to finish off this display.

I am evolving.  From using only the scientific portion of my brain into awakening the creative side.  I don't think creativity will be full blown in me, but I'm happy it is being somewhat explored and developed.  Thank you for going on this journey with me.


  1. Angie, I hope you will have many guests at your table to enjoy your nice
    Easter decoration.

  2. Thank you. There are 9 of us that live in this area. And we all like to eat. (my grandmother would say, "Mengana, Angie, mengana.) I'm sure I messed up the spelling. I wish you and your family a nice day on Easter, as well.

  3. If your grandmother was from Italy she probably said "Mangiare, Angie, mangiare". Yes, italian cuisine is very good, Healthy with
    much vegetable, not too much meat but more fish. Fresh salats with olive oil. Tasty cheese but not so much butter.

  4. I sure messed up the spelling on that one! LOL. Thanks for the lesson.