Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can You Guess What Today's Post is About?

Today's weather in my neck of the woods can simply be described as perfect.  Monday was perfect as well, prompting me to go out to the garden to clean the yard up a bit.  I raked out the leaves and pine needles from the larger portion of the garden yesterday, as well as cleaned up the patio furniture and put out the umbrella.  Then I went into the house and planted seeds in the K cups I saved.

It feels so nice to have the table and umbrella up again.  I
sprayed the umbrella with lavender to discourage bees from creating
nests on it.

The work station for planting seeds.  I have a section of
counter that is far from where I prepare food that is convenient
to use.  The sink is the barrier between the two sections.
Of course I will sterilize the area when the task is completed.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and heirloom melon went into the small receptacles.  Three of each were planted and covered with plastic to create a little greenhouse effect.  I slipped on a large baggie over the seed cups not completely sealing it for air to circulate in it.

The task will be completed this morning so I left the planting equipment on the counter rather than putting it all away just to get it all out again.

This morning I turned the earth in the larger garden and put coffee grounds and egg shell powder in it.  Then raked it over to incorporate the organic material  and level the dirt.  After a short rest the seeds for spinach, lettuce, radishes, carrots, and beets will go in.  The crops will not go in the same areas they were planted in last year.

The garlic is growing nicely as is the strawberries, blackberry bush, and the small rose bush my daughter gave me for Mother's Day last year.  All of these plants have new growth on them.  How exciting it is that they all survived the rough winter we had this year.

This year I will add asparagus and tulips to the mix.  I think both of these plants will go along the fence.  It will be a couple of years before the asparagus comes up, but it's worth the wait to me.

The Swann's man just left.  He was a bit ornery this morning because I asked what ingredients were in the ice cream.  He didn't know each one so I could go online to check for myself.  Well if you don't know and did not offer to grab a carton of vanilla to show me, I can only conclude that there are additives and preservatives.  So, no, I have no need to go online.

I read an article yesterday that was specific about how food items are labeled.  The word 'natural' is often currently used as a draw for a public that is becoming well informed.  Wood pulp is natural.  Shredded cheese is all natural, including the wood pulp that is now used to prevent caking.  I guess the corn starch they use to use is too expensive.

I also came across a video that revealed what the numbers on those tiny stickers on fresh fruit and veggies means.  
1)  Four digits beginning with a 3 or 4 means conventionally grown.
2)  Five digits beginning with a 9 means organic
3)  Five digits beginning with 8 is code for a GMO product.

Please know I'm not pushing for any type of food item.  My goal is to only inform my readers of the information I come across.  Each of you will figure out what fits into your budget and lifestyle. 

Here are a few pictures to confirm that spring is welcomed in my home.
Isn't she a little cutie?  I purchased this last week - at full price. 
There were only two in the store which was an indicator that none
would be available in an after Easter sale.
I tweaked the center piece on the table to include only three items.
I like it better this way

My favorite flower.  They're so happy and care free looking!


Time to get back to planting.  How's your weather?  Are you able to clean out the yard and prepare for planting, if you plant?  If you plant, do you start from seed or purchase plants?  When readers share in the comment section, others have an opportunity to learn new things.  Don't be shy, you're among friends here. 

Stay safe!


  1. I love your cute decorations! What is a GMO product?

    1. Thank you for the complement. I chose items that I thought the grandchildren would like. A GMO food is: Genetically Modified Organism. Simply said, an organism from another item is spliced into a food to make it disease resistant or other reason to increase crop productivity.

  2. Yes, now it´s time for all those preparations for a successful garden season. I also put tomatoe seeds in little plastic pots,
    8 heirloom sorts. Do you know the sort DE BERAO? Very commendable! I also prepare a number of pots with bush beans.
    (5 beans in a pot) When they have a nice size and a good rootball I plant them where ever there are blanks in garden beds,
    e.g. where I cut a cabbage lettuce. They grow rapidly and are a sort of "instant filling". Don´t know how to translate it properly.
    But you´ll know what I mean.

  3. Oh yes. I planted bush beans last year and had quite a bit of success with them. I will be planting those seeds today. I have larger pots to put them in. I'm going to try planting the way you do this year as an experiment. If it works for me, I'll continue to plant them this way. Thank you for the information.

  4. Pots for this "bean experiment" must not be bigger than 3 or 4 inches diameter. This way roots keep together which makes it
    easier when you take out the plants to put on their final place in the garden. But of course I also plant beans the normal way direcly in garden beds. I also like this pot method for cosmea flowers as space fillers in summer. Experiments are thrilling.
    They are harmless and sometimes I have learned a good lesson, Don´forget to plant wonderful smelling sweet peas.

    1. It's difficult to take the 'scientist' out of a person, even after they retire. Experiments are one of the things that helps me to feel I am still contributing, even if it just to my friends and family. When things work out, I pass the information to others who don't have the down time I do. I really am enjoying this retirement phase of life!