Friday, March 13, 2015

Easter Crafting

I watched a video this morning on yoo toob that Noreen, of Noreen's Kitchen, put up.  She has started a new channel that's called Noreen's Crafty Corner.  This woman is very gifted in many ways.  The recipes I have tried from her cooking channel have never let me down.  This morning I tried a simple craft that turns a piece of card stock into a bowl. 

I only have small card stock because I'm working on a small project, but since she said this would work with any size card stock, I thought I'd give it a go.  I came up with something that didn't look a thing like the bowl she made, but I'm thrilled with what I did create.

A small box that will hold jelly beans for the grands that I can hang on the
Easter tree.  This one is a prototype so I will make 4 more for
the grands that will be with me on Easter.  The small
cards hanging here are going to be designed by the kids and signed by
them as well.  This activity will be another way to exhibit progress
as they grow.

You can watch the video here:

Next time I'm at the craft store I will pick up a couple of sheets of large card stock to make the bowl Noreen demonstrates in her video.

Stay safe.

PS:  I just found a way to improve my images on my camera.  Just in time since the first snarky comment I have gotten showed up on my FB page yesterday.


  1. Cute little basket! You surely took pleasure in making it and the children will be pleased when they get it
    filled with a sweet surprise. This is the first time that I have seen what is called an Easter tree. So you can even hang
    more baskets on it. We just hide things in the garden, but not too difficult to find. Wish you a warm week-end.

    1. When our kids were home I would grab a branch from the yard and wash it down. I used a container with marbles (stolen from one of the kids) to hold it in place. I would hang a few cute things (light in weight) from the tree branch. I bought this one after Easter last year for quite a reduction in price. It's a bit more cheerful in color than a tree branch and more hearty so I can put heavier things on it.