Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Has Spring Sprung in My Part of the World? (And some good bargains. Really good bargains.)

Our weather has been gorgeous.  The thermometer hit 73 yesterday and in the upper 60s today.  It's raining right now so it has gotten a bit cooler.  Could this mean spring is here?  I'm not sure, but I think I will begin my seedlings in the morning.  Six weeks in the house then out to the garden at the end of April.  Under normal conditions, April is spring weather in my area.

Yesterday I went to a couple of stores that offered me coupons for free items.  I picked up a pillow and two play shirts for my grandson's birthday at Penney's.  The out of pocket cost was $2.10.  (How could I resist the nice weather?  It was calling me to leave the house.)   The next stop was Victoria's Secret where I turned in a coupon for a free pair of undies.  They will be gifted to my daughter as they were not my style.  They were made more for a younger woman.
I wasn't expecting a top of the line pillow for free, but
I was happy to see they gave me a firm one.

The shirts were priced at $10.00 each.  On sale they were offered for $5.99.
With my coupon I paid $2.10.  The lady behind me told me what a good bargain I
got.  I agree, don't you?

I did a couple more errands then came home instead of going to Kohl's to turn in my two free $5.00 coupons. (On $5.00)  The errands did me in so I thought I'd come home for a rest.  Today I went to Kohl's and the Dollar Tree.

I found an outfit for my grandson for his upcoming birthday.  Pants and a long sleeve top for his next growth cycle.  You know the one.  When a child wakes up one morning and nothing fits because he/she grew during the night.  It's normally a quiet process and takes a mom unaware.

It's a bit difficult to see the color, but the outfit is
in different shades of blue.  Grandma's favorite color.

The Dollar Tree was busy this afternoon, but I took my time anyway, ignoring the hustle around me.  I found a couple of items for the Easter table to add a spark for the grands.  The candy jar was calling for some new treats so I got bubble gum shaped like Easter eggs and Life Savers in spring flavors and colors.  Adding the colorful pink polka dotted straws to the table will create a bit of an excitement.  The religious part of Easter has always been the part of the adults to explain to the children, and the bunny part is the excitement part for the kids.  This way they know the meaning behind the day and have some fun, too.

This was transformed into...

this.    Just a bit of fun for the children.

This day ended with a meal shared with my daughters and their children.  The four year old gets so excited when he's with his cousins and big brother. (From a previous marriage.)  I have so many good men in my life that I count this as one of the many blessings bestow on me.  There's nothing that can replace the pure excitement of an innocent child.  I eat it up with a smile.

Have you been spring shopping?  Have you found any bargains.  Do you have children in your family that are getting excited for the bunny's visit?  Let us know in the comments below.  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. My biggest bargain is the shop that I have found that sells good quality cotton fabric for less than £4 a metre. My grands love Easter, we paint eggs, have an egg hunt in the garden and make Easter bunnies and chicks from felt.

  2. What fun the grands are! They certainly keep us young. If I'm doing the math correctly the 4 pounds would convert to $6.76 in USA money. I see a good deal in that fabric.

  3. 70 Fahrenheit is a nice spring temperature. We still have cool nights but as soon as sun is coming it´s warm. So last week I could plant 30 seedlings of head salat in the garden (under fleece) and today I harvested chives to sprinkle on top of fried
    eggs. You are a lucky bargain hunter. All those things you found! I have already bought some little things to hide in the garden
    for our 2 grand-children: some books, things to play with, t-shirts and some sweets. Always an exiting day for young children.

    1. Having grandchildren is such fun. I knew I couldn't spoil my children, but I have a good time spoiling the grands. I like your idea of 'planting' treats in the garden. The kiddos gather at my daughter's house for an egg hunt, but we never thought of planting fun items. I'm going to spread the word in my family to see if anyone is interested in what you do to celebrate. If you don't mind me stealing the idea, that is.

      I can't remember if I told you I checked out the video on the site you gave me. The beauty is astounding. You're a fortunate woman to have so much nature surrounding your little part of the world.