Monday, March 9, 2015

Gardening, Family, and the Pup

Sunday in my part of the world reached 63 degrees (F).  This type of weather brings unexplained energy to this body of mine.  The immediate reaction is to go out to the garden to check on it's progress after all of the snow covered my plants.

The garlic looked a bit sad, but this morning is perked up a bit more.  The spinach is small, but still green, which is close to a miracle, while the parsley is holding it's own with a nice green color.  The carrots and beets never made it and the radishes are trying hard to stay alive.  Time will tell.  I now know not to plant a winter garden but rather wait until March to plant.  Something to write in my garden journal so I don't make the same mistake again.

One thing that is new to me is the long needles that fall
from the evergreen trees here.  The parks use them as
mulch.  If they do it, then I use them for the same
reason.  My poor garlic.  They need some TLC.  Winter
was hard on them.

Drying in the oven on a cookie sheet were 22 pods from the coffee maker.  The grounds had to go in the garden soil so they were cleaned out.  While performing the task of cleaning the grounds out, I noticed there was a coffee filter inside each pod.  There's also a hole in the bottom of the pods.  Brainstorm!  The pods got washed when they were emptied and dried in the sun.  My seedlings will find a good home in them this year.  I only need to purchase one more spray bottle at the dollar store to spritz them for moisture.  The soil has been purchased (dollar store), so I'm good to go.

Twenty two planting pods recycled from coffee pods.

The coffee grounds were spread over the garden soil then turned in with the dried leaves that were already in there.  In the spring I'll rake up what's left of the leaves and add a bit more organic soil.  Some of the compost is read to use soon as well.  The patio was swept and pots that still had soil in them were cleaned out.  (The soil went into the garden.)  I also gathered the sticks that flew into the yard and dried them in the sun to use on the rocket stove when I can this year.

Preparing to use the rocket stove is an ongoing thing.  I've made fire  starters from toilet paper rolls, dryer lint, and left over wax from the Scency burners.  None of those items will go to the city dump, rather be used in a helpful manner.  I guess I reduced my 'carbon footprint' by making these. 

This is the first time I've made these fire starters to use in the rocket stove.
Time will tell if they will work.
The dog's blanket and bed went into the washer then hung in the sun on a drying rack to dry.  Don't you just love the clean smell of clothes dried in the sun?  Marley may not be too excited by it and will try to put her scent back into it.  This may take a while for her to accomplish.

The beautiful Miss Marley just waking up.  This is my bed, not hers.  She keeps me warm at night!

I found the rooting hormone I thought I lost.  It was right where it was suppose to be - in the garden bin in the garage.  I put some on the olive branch I cut off of the olive tree when it was transplanted in a larger pot.  The best place I could think of to plant it was in the same large pot as the olive tree is.

The day ended with dinner at my daughter's house and play time with the grandchildren.  The four year old likes to play a game I created when my kids were little.  It's called "Stay still pillow".  I lie down on a pillow that's on the child's lap.  Then the child moves his legs and I say, "Pillow, stay still, I'm trying to sleep'.  They laugh their little heart's out with this simple game.  The baby thought this was hilarious and got into the game, too.  I want as much play time as I can get with them when they're little because soon - time flies - they will want to go to movies and be with their friends.

What was the weather where you live?  What did you accomplish this week?  I'd like to hear from you.  It's a way of learning new frugal hacks or learning about a different culture.  Learning is one of my greatest joys.

Stay safe.


  1. I made a few more string blocks, a new project for me that I have fallen in love with. Then saw a pencil case on a blog post that is a shark and made one for my grandson. I now have a whale on the go, just hope that it works out. Gardening was non existent due to the cold wind on Saturday and it has rained since early Sunday morning. Hoping for better conditions tomorrow. My garlic has stood nicely through the weather and my pot of parsley is doing well, I have been snipping at it regularly.

    1. I'm not familiar with string blocks. I'll research that. The pencil cases sound so cute. I'll pop over to your blog so I can check them out. Stay safe.

  2. There are so many different sorts of garlic that gardeners have to look for a variety that feels at home in their gardens.
    I plant pink french garlic. Some in september and some in early spring. Garlic needs many warm months and does not like "wet feet". Do you know chives with garlic taste (allium tuberosum) ? Can be cut like chives and is extremely undemanding.
    I do not cultivate carrots as they are cheap to buy here in the village. I wish you success for your garden work! Christel

    1. A friend and I were talking about garlic last night. Someone gave her elephant garlic. She asked if I knew anything about it. I laughed and said I thought it was big! I don't know the name of mine because the first year I planted some that I bought from the grocery store. (organic) Last year it came up for the first time so I used three bulbs and planted the rest for this year's crop.