Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lots of Surprises in the Mail

There are the days that I know when I go up front to the mail boxes there will be bills in the mail.  I don't have many, just the utilities and one credit card that I use all month to get points on.  I'm careful not to spend more than the money I have to back up the purchases.  If I had to pay interest on the borrowed money, then the points wouldn't mean much.

This week was different.  To my surprise there were a number of free offers in my mailbox.  So many that the excitement to share them is overwhelming.  Kohl's send me two different mailings with two different catalogs.  On each of the mailings was a $5.00 off $5.00 coupon.  JC Penney jumped on the bandwagon and sent a $10.00 off $10.00 purchase plus a free bed pillow.  Before those two offers came in Victoria's Secret sent a coupon for free undies -twice.  I gave one to my daughter and I'll use the other to put away as part of her Christmas gifts.

That's adds up to $27.00 in free merchandise plus the pillow.  I'd call that a good week.

The Dollar Tree had Valentine candy for twenty five cents.  I picked up a package of suckers to put in the grands small Easter basket they get from Grandma.   I also picked up two packs of three small spring colored bins to use as the baskets.  To top it off there was a pack of six Chicklets gum to add to the items I already purchased.

$3.25 cents bought the Easter baskets and half of the items that will go in them. 
The other two items were purchased last week at the dollar store.  I have filler
put away that didn't cost anything from packages that came in
the mail. 

My final trip today was to the Wal Mart grocery store across the street to price match items.  In the basket went two oranges for .50 cents each, two pounds of butter for 1.99 each, iceberg lettuce for .98, grapes at 1.49 a pound and bananas that were their regular price of .67 cents a pound.  The total was $6.67 plus 2.5% tax.  It's not the best thing that tax is on food where I live, but the general tax rate is 6.5% which is 2 percent less than where I lived in the North.

Fruits and veggies are my favorites along with dairy foods.
I know I should eat meat more than I do, but it's tough enough eating it once a week.
I never have enjoyed meat, even as a child.  My favorite meat is meatballs in sauce.
I never get tired of those!

I also pay thousands less in property taxes than I did in the North.  There may be vehicle tax here, but it's low so the savings on property tax is huge.

What did your mail look like this week?  Did you find any good deals at the grocery store? 

As always, stay safe and know I appreciate each of you my dear readers.


  1. In our mail-box I do not find surprises like you do, but our super-markets have a great variety of weekly products on special offer, so I can stock up. My surprises right now are in the garden as many plants are starting to grow. Under cloches I can harvest chives and onion green. And parsley all the year. I also started with cress under old cheese covers of glass. ( Bought
    at flea- markets years ago) Little yellow daffodils are starting to bloom, which shows that spring is on the way. Greetings from

    1. I'll take garden surprises any day! Enjoy the fruits of your labor of love. :)