Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Spring Cleaning Time, Again

This Monday morning has started out cloudy and cold.  The first thing I did after prayer time and the OPC vitamin drink I down each morning was brew a hot cup of coffee.  Hits the spot every time removing the chill in this body of mine.

Breakfast consisted of half a left over grilled cheese sandwich and some left over green beans. (cold)  I added a protein bar because the sandwich and veggies didn't fill me up.  I found I'm in love with Cliff bars, specifically, the peanut butter ones.

 Yesterday morning my daughter's family and I went to Golden Corral for breakfast.  I ate like I had never seen food before.  This kept me filled up for the day with the exception of a Cliff bar for dinner that I shared with Marley.  (just a small piece.)

I spent a couple of hours on Sunday watching videos on yoo toob.  The plan was to watch videos that were about Lottery winners, then watch videos at the other extreme end - about billionaires - to get a feel for people who have been blessed monetarily.  The one about lottery winners was interesting.  There was a group of 16 small town women who worked in a school cafeteria that won 95 million dollars.  Their lives changed little.  The money did not change them.  One of the ladies was more impressed with a garage sale find she got for ten cents than with the lottery winnings.  She and her husband continued to build their home themselves from the ground up.  Her only desire?  A refrigerator with an ice maker!  Now that's class.

There were two men profiled in the video as well.  They were both from NYC and their behavior was quite the opposite.  Each won five million dollars in the early eighties and are currently penniless.  Their money was spent on - you guessed it - limos, alcohol, large homes, drugs, and sex.  I thought this was quite interesting, the opposite reactions to the windfall. 

The billionaire video highlighted men who were hedge fund CEOs.  I'm glad I watched this one because even in this top of the food chain slot are people who are wise and good.  They just happen to have a gift of making money grow.  They admitted; 1)  they didn't need so much money, but continued to work because that's what they do, 2)  would not want their children to grow up thinking life would be handed to them 3)  were concerned about donating money to charity.  This group of billionaires  had little to do with the ones who were flashy and wanted to accumulate toys.  They had little respect for them.  I'm glad I watched this one.  There is a difference in goals and life style even in the billionaire group.  The only difference between this group and us is they have more money.  Just as we would come across materialistic middle class people, they come across materialistic billionaires.

On to this morning's activity.  The house got a bit of a cleaning that is generally done in the spring or fall.  The bathroom fixtures and all of the  lamp shades got a cleaning this morning.  I used the home made orange cleaner to clean the light fixtures and a lint roller from the dollar store to clean the lamp shades.  In just a few minutes the house felt cleaner.  Then all three screens in the house were cleaned with dollar store electronic wipes.  I only have my computer, a TV in the living room and a small one in the bedroom.  Since it seemed like a waste to pitch the cloth after just doing those three items, I cleaned all of the glass on every picture in the living area then followed up cleaning the front of the refrigerator.

A year's worth of built up crud on the bathroom
light fixtures.  The orange cleaner leaves nothing behind.

When the living room and bedroom get cleaned the shades
get dusted.  Who knew all of this dust is left behind?  The cleaning
strategy just changed.  The shades will get the lint roller once a month
from now on.

The plan this afternoon is to wash and break up a head of lettuce.  After it's dried, it will get sealed in a jar for salads during the week.  I bought a block of blue cheese that will be used to make a salad dressing.  I would also like to find a recipe for Italian bread that I can make in the bread maker.  If I accomplish these things, dinner will be a large salad and home made bread.  I guess I can have that for dinner anyway because I have the bread I made last week in the freezer.

For my California pal, look what's popping up out of the soil.  Two centuries old heirloom melons are greeting the world.  I'll transplant these in a couple of days when the plants are a bit more hardy so they can grow into lovely plants.  I'm so looking forward to these melons.  I've saved a spot in the strawberry bed to grow them.

They shall be named Robert and Steven and planted in the same hill.
They better get along!  LOL

Saturday was price match day at Wal Mart.  Butter was $1.99, beans, .99 cents a pound, asparagus, 1.99, melon .99 cents each, and iceberg lettuce .99 cents a head.

The total, with tax, was $34.21.  Over $5.00 less than my budget amount.

That's it for today.  I best stop yapping and start working on preserving the lettuce.

Stay safe.


  1. Be sure to leave plenty of room for those melons, because as the plants grow, they sprawl about 2 ft. out in each direction. You've been a busy gal!

    1. I've been thinking about this. I may have 2 options. The first being to put them in a big pot and grow them in the front of the house, close to the house and drag them into the garage at night. (maybe). Or put them where the cucumber plant was last year with landscaping cloth under them to prevent rot. (On the blackberry side) Let them roll! The cucumber can be caged so I can put that on the strawberry side where the huge tomato didn't give me much fruit last year. What do you think?

  2. Melons need quite a lot of place in the garden as they grow in a rather overflowing way and they are "demanding".
    I cannot offer them these conditions and I also don´t buy melons as we are not really fond of them. But we have cucumbers
    (also Armenian) and courgettes.
    I wish good growth to Robert and Steven and a sunny place on the hill.

    1. I'm aware of the space they need, but I'll try to make it work as these melons are centuries old and the seeds given to me by a friend. I'm thinking a big pot or on the side where there is nothing but the blackberry bush. A sort of experiment. I seem to have to experiment with things to keep my mind healthy. Good luck with your garden this year. I assume your weather has improved? I'd be interested in knowing what you are planning in the garden this year. Do you rotate 'crops'?

  3. We have real "April weather": Rain and sunshine at the same time. I said to my husband, that this would be the ideal weather
    for a rainbow and he said "Turn around".And there it was: A beautiful rainbow! I was so surprised.
    Yes, I do a bit of rotating in the garden, but I don´t have a plan or a system. Crucifers e.g. (radishes or cauliflower )do like a change. but tomatoes can grow on the same place for years. Of course I give them a good portion of composte.
    I only cultivate vegetables and fruits we really like, But carrots, which is one of our favorites, can be bought for a very reasonable
    price and therefore I don´t cultivate them. Tomatoes, peas, beans, cauliflower, cucumbers and lots of herbs!

    1. My gosh, you're so knowledgeable about gardens. I like learning new things. I had no idea tomatoes didn't mind being in the same area year after year. That's good to know. This is the first year I have my own compost. I'm excited to see what kind of a difference it makes in the yield.