Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Recent Accomplishments

(Somehow this post went up before it was completed.)

Life has been a bit slow this week so there's not much to talk about.  The one thing that happened was my daughter and her family came home from California.  There was a death in my son in law's immediate family, so they were on the opposite coast for quite a while.

Today I have an appointment in the afternoon and Marley has her annual check up tomorrow afternoon.

I have accomplished a few things this week, nothing earth shattering, though.  My seedlings are being babied and sprayed with water twice a day and  the windows have started getting their spring cleaning.  I started in the bedroom and will clean one or two a day.  Since they need a thorough cleaning I will clean them one at a time.  The lower part pulls out and into the house for easy cleaning, but I'm not sure how to clean the outside of the upper windows.  I'm thinking the hose needs to come out with the sprayer attached.  There's time to figure it out.  On the very first window I cleaned I found a spider already thinking it wanted to take up residence in my home.  No!  He now has joined his relatives in dead spider space.  If you don't pay rent, you don't live in my house!  Simple as that.

The asparagus I purchased for this week was washed to remove any 'debris'. (did I spell that correctly?)   Some will be cooked up for dinner, then a portion will go to make soup.  The rest will be frozen in a food saver bag for a future meal.  Meanwhile I'll work on eating the fresh green beans and radishes I bought for this week.

Breakfast came late this morning because I wasn't hungry earlier.  A hot bowl of oatmeal and half a bagel will tide me over until mid afternoon.  I'll have my big meal of the day then and a small meal of fresh veggies and peanut butter toast later in the evening. 

Oatmeal is one of my favorite meals.  The bagel is just added adornment!

When we go out to eat at a restaurant I eat so much that I'm filled for most of the day.  But, at home I stick to three meals a day.  My goal is to stay as healthy as I can because I want to be around for my grandchildren to know they were loved by me.  Those thoughts build confidence in a growing mind and body.  Our children didn't have input from their grandparents, as distance separated us.  I'd like to be a part of my grandchildren's life if for no other reason than to reinforce the love that their parents give them on a daily basis. 

For the grandchildren that are separated from me by distance I send cards and talk to them on the phone, then visit once a year.  I'm proud of all of them and love them dearly.

All of the bedding was washed and sprayed with lavender fabric spray this week, as well as the normal two loads of clothes that get washed each week. 

I will also need to return a couple of items to Pier One.  This is what happened.  I watch a couple of ladies on yoo toob.  They are fantastic ladies with quite a gift for decorating.  And their creativity sparks my interest.  I thought I can do that with some inspiration.  Well, no I can't.  I figured out that my style is more cozy than chic.  My style is 'less is more' where their style is 'more is better'.  For them it works.  For me, not so much.  I'm more of a down to earth person, not so glamorous as these ladies are.  I still love to watch their videos, but for entertainment purposes only.

I found I'm most comfortable with clear space than
surfaces covered with multiple items.

The tub area will stay the same.  I have all that I need to be comfortable
when I take a bath. (vs. a shower)

I also de-cluttered a couple of areas in the bedroom.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry so I will be giving some of it to the one daughter who does like adornments.  She also wears the same size shoes I do and can choose what she wants before I donate what I can no longer wear - or need to wear.  Most of the shoes are from my work life and were rather expensive.  I would be embarrassed to say there are quite a few of them so none have experienced heavy wear.  There IS one pair that just could not be parted with -yet.  They are my power heels that I wore to special meetings or after work events.

These are the favorites in my closet.  I have no where to wear them these
days, but I will hang on to them a while longer.

What have you accomplished this week?  Don't be shy.  Share with us!

Stay safe.


  1. We like spiders in the garden and in summer we have lots of them. Mostly cross spiders, as we call them (araneus). They
    are so useful as they eat flies, midges and other annoying insects.
    We only have two grand-children ( 6 and 4) and they live not far away in my daughter´s family.
    I wish you good times with all members of your family whenever you meet them!

    1. I don't know how this post got up, it's not completed yet. I like spiders in the garden, too. I do not like sharing my bedroom with them. Or any other part of the inside of my home. They' pay rent' in the garden doing a great job catching unwanted bugs.

  2. The asparagus season is a yearly highlight for most gourmets. In Germany a great majority of clients prefer the white (underground) sort. The green one is seldom offered. (Though it is even healthier because of the chlorophyll) As my husband
    does not eat asparagus and I must not have it, I never buy any. There are large fields in our region with many market-stalls
    at the streets. But one of our favorites is porridge(oatmeal) with milk and some sugar and cinnamon.

    1. White asparagus has just recently been introduced in this country. There are so many veggies that we don't have access to. Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast food, but I eat it a bit different - with salt. Nothing else. To feel full until my next meal, I drink a glass of milk with it for protein.