Thursday, December 4, 2014

Accomplishments and Good Eating

There's nothing like a cup of coffee to start the brainwaves functioning.  Now that I have a cup in my hand I can try to remember the things I accomplished this past week.  Hang on, just one more sip!

Wrapped all gifts going out of state.
Going to the post office today to mail them out.
Washed and dehydrated bay leaves.
Cleaned the garage floor. 
Washed all bedding that included blankets.
Cleaned and decorated the living room.
Cleaned and decorated the powder room.

The bread came out nice.  The first day I made French toast with it using home made vanilla, farm fresh eggs, fresh cinnamon, and milk.  What a delight to have such a humble meal made with good ingredients.  It was yummy.  The pup though so, too.  The second day I made a grilled cheese sandwich with organic American cheese.  The slices are larger than store bought bread so, again, the pup had a small treat.  I added some of the canned pickles I made this summer from my gargantuan plant for the veggie.  Life doesn't get much better than this.  This morning it will be a slice of peanut butter toast and a glass of milk.

My diet consists of humble foods, but as fresh as I can get them.  A recent study has found that the combination of fats, salt, and sugars added to packaged foods is one reason why people gain weight.  The brain is not satisfied with the offering and wants more.

It may seem that the food I eat is expensive, but I have online resources that cut the long term costs.  One of them is offering large packages of spice for a fraction of the cost of grocery store prices.  When I received the cinnamon sticks I was in awe.  I have enough until the day I leave this earth - and then some.  So I shared to avoid waste.  There is minimal shipping and handling, but this was one time I didn't mind paying it.

Don't get this wrong.  I freely admit chocolate is considered a food group in my home.  What has changed is the amount and type of chocolate I eat.  There was a time I could easily go through a bag of peppermint patties in a week.  Now, one a day satisfies my craving.  I started choosing this particular candy when I wanted to loose weight about nine years ago.  They are made with dark chocolate and have very little fat in them.  I had the proverbial cake and ate it, too.

The stems of the bay plant with the seeds on them.

The leaves ready for the dehydrator.
What did you accomplish this week?  A comment in the comment section will encourage others to share.  We can learn from the comments things we never thought of.  Thank you.  Stay safe.

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