Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Package From a Reader

I received a package in the mail today from a reader of Angie's House.  To my happy surprise the package included two items for the kitchen -  bay leaves off a huge bay tree and rose hips off of a wild rose bush. 

Fresh bay leaves for adding to my soups and sauces and rose hips for a healthy tea.

I've used bay leaves for many years, but I've never had rose hips before.  I've wanted to try them for a number of years, but I didn't even know where they came from.  I found out that wild roses leave them behind when the flower dies back.  They grow right behind the center of the flower.  You can pick them off and wash them well after removing the small stems.  There are little seeds in the center of the rose hip that will grow another bush. 

Making the tea is simple.  I found two ways of making tea.  The first is to use fresh rose hips and slice them thin.  Add thin slices of ginger and honey.  Let this infuse for five minutes in boiling water, then strain and drink.  The second is to dry them then turn them to powder in a spice grinder.    Boil water then add the powder and cloves to steep for five minutes.  Strain and enjoy.

Both ways sound challenging and healthy.

As far as the health benefits go, I've read in numerous articles that rose hips contain vitamin C and A, iron and calcium in amounts greater than citrus fruit.  People in areas that have a difficult time obtaining citrus use rose hips for their vitamin C needs.

What do you think?  I'd like to hear from you with your thoughts.

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