Monday, December 1, 2014

The Holiday, Decorations and A Few Rambles

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with loved ones and lots of good turkey.
Facebook was loaded with posts about thanksgiving.  It made me a happy girl to see so many people seeing the good things in their lives.  We all have hardship, but yesterday people were focusing on the good things in life.

My family and I were among those who were thankful.  The amount of food we prepared was massive.  No pictures because - just as always - I forgot the camera. (I even forgot it for my son's wedding.) 

If I were asked what is my favorite food for celebrations I would have to say the spinach artichoke dip from my son's recipe.  It's to die for.  I filled up on pickled eggs, artichoke dip and toasted Italian bread, cheese and crackers, shrimp cheese ball, and home made pickles.  I thought my stomach would be ready for dinner (2 hours later), but I was wrong.  I did stuff some food in, but I got sick and had to lay down for a nap.  A nap solves most problems for me.

After we cleaned up the family sat down to watch Christmas Vacation.  Watching this movie is a tradition that our children grew up with.  This movie never gets old.  I get the heebie jeebies when the beautiful house gets destroyed.  But all's well that ends well.

When I got home I talked with two friends and my daughter and her kids on the phone.  The four year old was exclaiming that she ate pie with daddy.  Her excitement was so high that my daughter had to tell me what she said.  I love the little ones.

This morning - the one I have been waiting for - I put up the Nativity on the fireplace.  No more fall decorations, just lovely Christmas themes to keep me company.   The stocking is hung by the chimney with care and the powder room has a funky red Christmas tree on the shelf to entertain guests.  I also bought a poinsettia to put on the steps, but it looks lonely.  I'm sure Wal Mart has a couple more I can buy to keep it company.  I buy the white ones because red is a stand out shocking kind of color.  I'm very sensitive to color, too much of it makes me unstable.  I get restless and need to keep moving.  So my themes are normally monochromatic.

I'm in love with this Nativity.  I spent two years collecting the pieces.

This little guy is patiently waiting for the grands to visit.  He needs a squish and a kiss.

I only have one stocking holder so I put Marley's on top of mine.  The ornament is a gift from #3 daughter.  It has the names of the grands on it.  Since it's 2 years old, not all of the names are there.  Check out what is written on the pillow.  'Dear Santa, I can explain.'

I didn't realize it when I bought this JOY sign, but it lights up at night.
The funky tree in the powder room.  Sorry for the lighting, but that's the best a picture can turn out in that room.

The coffee table is even getting in the act this year.  The table runner is about 12 years old and the candle holder was purchased at Yankee Candle for under $4.00 after Christmas last year.  Let's face it, all of my decorations are purchased on some kind of sale.

Doesn't this guy look like he needs a couple of friends to kepp him company?

It's been cold here so I have been turning on the fireplace and covering up with a blanket.  I've got to stop doing this because I fall asleep sitting up.  It's so comforting that I completely relax with the pup next to me under the blanket.  We make a fine pair, Marley and I!  This morning began at a little after four AM for me.  Too many cozy naps this week.  My hair is washed and I'm currently working on drinking my OPC vitamin drink.  Next comes the good part - a cup of hot black coffee.

I bought a French press coffee pot because so many people exclaim their praises.  I though all these people can't be wrong.  Keeping in mind I'm no expert, (I'll drink coffee that's been in the refrigerator for two days!) but I see very little difference in quality or taste.  I used a coffee that was from Germany that was gifted to me, but I don't taste much of a difference.  All isn't wasted though because it will work well using a grill to boil the water if the electricity goes out.

Presents that need to go out of state are wrapped with the exception of a couple.  I'll finish those today then take them to the post office on Tuesday.  Mondays at the post office are brutal here because all of the businesses run in to catch up on their mailings.  My branch is brutal on a good day.  My girl friend laughs because her post office is 'busy' if there are two people in line.  There's quite a few benefits to living in a small town.

Off to read the news and drink that hot cup of coffee.  Enjoy your day and stay safe.

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