Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Are What We Eat, We Are What We Think. Thankful Things

I'm  old enough to have lived through some good times and some rough times.  It's the rough times that have taught me to be thankful for the little things.  I feel a lifetime of seeing my personal 'glass' half full rather than half empty has many rewards to it.  The most important (to me) is a relatively healthy mental and emotional makeup. 

The saying goes 'We are what we eat'.  I say we are what we think, as well.  Healthy food, healthy thoughts.

Today I'm thankful for:

The men and women of the military, both past and present.  Without the sacrifices they and their families make freedom might be only a word we learn from the dictionary.   My father and husband were in this brave group who fought in wars to protect freedom.  Both passed from diseases they obtained from fighting in those wars.  My dad was 28, my husband was 62.  Sixty two sounds old, but when you are 62 it is young.

That the sun rises each morning to provide us with health and wellness feeding our gardens and our bodies.

That we don't have to take on the pain and suffering of the world.  Someone Devine has been chosen to do that for us.  We only need to care for our little worlds and do the best we can while offering a prayer for all others.

I would also like to add thanksgiving for my readers.  You are all a part of my 'little world'.  Actually you have expanded my world beyond what I ever thought it would be.


This is a picture I found on the internet.  Imagine my surprise when I recognized the third soldier from the right as my dad.  I'm not interested in the caption, it just happen to come with the photo.

My husband as a young soldier in Viet Nam.  We married when he returned home from completing his service.

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