Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CVS Shopping Spree

CVS has two sales and a free item this week.

1.  A coupon for free paper towels from the coupon machine.  Slide your CVS Extra Care Bucks card under the scanner to receive this one.  Along with this free coupon I received a .50 coupon off any purchase.  The more you shop there, the higher your coupon.  Mine was a small one.

2. Purchase one Purex laundry detergent for $6.29 (at my location) and get two (2) free.  You can do this scenario twice on a card.

3.  Many items in the store have a small sign under the shelf that says if you buy $30.00 you can choose a $10.00 gift card.  There were a number of choices for the gift card, but I only noticed the CVS one because I wanted to use it towards the Purex.

I bought Christmas stocking items at CVS rather than at the Dollar Tree.  Adding in 2 boxes of Klennix tissues and I reached the $30.00 rather quickly.

I did two transactions.  The first paying for the Christmas items to receive the 10.00 gift card (GC), then the laundry soap and paper towel.  After using the gift card and .50 coupon, as well as the free paper towel coupon, I paid 1.47 out of pocket.

Why did this make sense to me?  I would have purchased the Christmas items at the Dollar Tree with no $10.00 gift card given to me.  We* also need laundry soap.  Four free soaps and free paper towels made quite a bit of sense to me.

Christmas items
All of the items were on sale.  30.00 plus tax (1.80)
I can't take a picture of the entire haul because the recipients read this blog.

Regular price $37.74 for six
I bought six at a cost of $12.58
After using the GC and .50 coupon I paid $1.47 out of pocket

Paper towel
Free with .79 coupon

Total spent, including tax

*I don't have pictures of the other items because I did the detergent scenario for my daughter.  She ordered Scency items for me and I paid her with the detergent.  After all of her shopping she ended up with 21 bottles of detergent.  Keeping it all in the family!

Here's some of the items I got.  The Kleenix was .99 a box, the gum and Russell Stover santas were .88 each. The pez dispensers cost the most at 1.59 each.  

CVS website

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