Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul

I was so wound up yesterday after our shopping haul at CVS that I sat down to watch a couple of my favorite yoo toob people to relax.  I love to watch young moms who are finding ways to stretch their budgets.  One way of doing that is utilizing the Dollar Tree. 

As I watched one mom said to go to the Dollar Store the month before a holiday so you can have the best selection of holiday items.  That stuck with me.  Forget about the calming down.

After enjoying a great dinner at my daughter's I asked if she wanted to go to the Dollar Tree.  So at 7:15 we took the short ride.  We stayed nearly two hours!  We checked out every new item they had, except food.  We were there for fun.

My daughter found a wrapping paper cover for her front door.  Along with that she found ribbon to make a big bow on the door so it looked like a present.  She also snagged quite a few stocking stuffers.

I hit pay dirt.  My son who got married this summer now has an eight year old daughter.  Since we have not had much time to get to know each other yet, I have been thinking about what she woud want for Christmas.  I did get her something from a Thirty One party I had, but it just didn't seem exciting enough.  Then I remembered what I would have loved as an eight year old girl.  Stuff!  Colorful and gaudy stuff!  New things for school too.  Silly things like fancy pencils, and note pads, and pencil sharpeners with a theme.  I bought every thing I thought would produce glee from an eight year old girl, including colorful socks and hair elastics.  I had so much fun that you'd think I was an eight year old.

Then on to Christmas for my home.  I bought sparkled ice cycles for the tree and a small LED candle for entertainment purposes.  If I told you it was for the grandchildren, I'd be lying.  It's for me.  The lights turn colors and the 'flame' flickers. The wrapping paper I found is made in America and matches the paper I have left over from last year.  Total cost for these items was 5.00.

I also bought Spic and Span wipes for the vehicle and Tootsie Roll miniatures for me.  A card for a friend, and stickers to seal Christmas cards.

And what looks like cupcakes, but aren't!

The cupcakes are really candles!! How cool is that?

Since my hands are like ice cubes, even in the house,  these light gloves will be comfortable around the house.  Pink is cool, too.
This calculator has numbers big enough for anyone.

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