Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Had a Visitor on Tuesday

Since is impossible not to admit winter is here I've changed out my clothes to long sleeve and warm.  There were a few items I don't wear so the Purple Heart thrift shop will have some more items to tag. 

I also went through my books.  I've had a love affair with books ever since I picked up Winnie the Pooh in third grade.  Needless to say, I had to read every AA Milne book the school library held.  It is because of this fondness that I have to be careful with books over taking my home.  I'm donating books I've read and know I will never read again.  Most of the books I keep these days are reference books like cookbooks and gardening books.  Among them I have a healing herb book that I forgot I had.  This will be my next look through project. Tuesday my 2 year old grand came to visit me for an hour.  She likes clothes with style and found just the thing she wanted to wear - the pup's sweater.  Then it was to the back door and the request to go outside.  How could I say no?  I figured a few minutes in the cold air would be good for her, even if her arms were bare.

Here is the little miss in all her glory.  Rather fashionable, don't you think?

After she left, I made a chicken pot pie.  I made the broth then added a can of mixed veggies that I got on sale for .50.  The chicken was white meat and it was tender.  This is where I am learning I no longer need to purchase a whole chicken because the price is less.  It's not very frugal when I have to pitch chicken in the trash because it's freezer burned.  For the  first time I bought a small package of organic skinned and boned chicken breasts.  To my delight each breast was individually wrapped in food saver bags.  Although it was difficult to make that first move away from whole chickens, I'm glad I did.  The freezer is not jammed with foods I'll end up forgetting for way too long.

The filling was good, but the topping was not.  I went to make biscuits to top it off when I noticed a recipe on the Bisquick box for chicken pot pie.  I used the recipe.  After all mix, milk, and an egg has to be yummy.  Wrong.  The texture is flat and the taste is too.  I have three more meals to finish the pot pie up.  Next time I'll stick to my own ideas.

The filling of the pot pie ready to be topped off with the loose mixture.

The end results of the bland topping.  It's flat and uninteresting.

After a rough night not being able to sleep, I'm off and running today.  Loosing sleep and lamenting about it is a waste of energy.  I'll keep on moving until I fall - around two o clock.

Have a blessed day and stay safe.

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