Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Business and Local Business

There's a social effect traveling through our country in specific groups.  Many people are tired of big box stores and are beginning to support small and local businesses.  Which is a good thing for local economies.  It's my opinion that both big box stores and local businesses have something to offer shoppers.

This is about why people went to big box stores way back when they were just beginning.  Please keep in mind I'm from a small town in the North, so I could witness things more clearly.

I grew up in Greece, NY.  Living in the next suburb over was a teen who's dad started a well known grocery chain in the NY area.  I believe it's still family owned and thriving with him at the helm.  He was my first exposure to affluent families.  Now he won't remember this, but it affected me so much that I went into a lack of self confidence for years.  He validated what my mother told me.  I was ugly.  I couldn't see a hint of beauty after his blatant refusal to acknowledge me, even though I was in the same room as he was.  Even though we had the same friends.  Even though we were together a number of times.

When I married we moved to a small area.  We didn't have a lot of money, although we made a good living.  The money went to medical bills and supporting our four children the best we could.

Again, the people in our town who owned small businesses were down right snobby, with the exception of Aunt Kay.

Aunt Kay was a delightful lady who owned a children's dress shop.  I found out years later that my BBF was her niece.  Whenever I went in there she was having an unannounced sale.  Keep in mind there was no Wal Mart or Target back then.  Only Kay's Tot Shop.  Because of Aunt Kay our daughter's communion dress was beautiful.  It wasn't until I was much older that I realized the 'sales' were non existent, she knew I was broke.  My life was enhanced by her love for those around her.

Everyone else in town snubbed their noses at us.  I didn't mind so much because I'm rather exclusive when I choose friends.  The problem was my children and how sad they became when the hoity toity snubbed them.

So when they all went out of business because WM came to town, I was not sad - in the least.  I was reminded that the wheel of life comes around.  It can't be stopped, it's pure basic physics.

Today I see the wisdom in both big box stores and small business.  I would just like to remind the small business owners to keep a check on their attitudes.  It's customers that make you what you become.  It doesn't matter if you have the best products in the world, if you treat people (all are potential customers) badly, it will be reflected in your business.

With that said, I wish good luck to those who are giving it a try.  God bless.


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