Monday, September 1, 2014

My Fall Starts on September 1st

The official first day of fall is September 21st.  My emotional first day of fall is September 1st.  A full twenty days before the calendar proclaims fall has arrived.  As my son in law tells me, I'm old, so I can do what I want.  I feel like a spoiled brat, but it is what it is.  You can join me to make this proclamation, too, if you'd like.

This is what my fall means to me. (Even though it's still hot outside.)  I start burning cinnamon candles.  I light them before I go upstairs and get the winter sofa pillows out of storage.  A quick change of the light colored pillows I use in the summer and the living room begins to look and feel cozy again.  The next thing I will do tomorrow is bring my warmer looking items out of storage.  Like the picture frames that are black -instead of light colored.  And the warm colored blanket I fold into a small square and place on top of the TV cabinet.  The blanket will be there for a few shot weeks because I ordered an electric fireplace to put in that spot for the winter.  The white cabinet will go in my bedroom to become the bill center.  That will open up the closet and complete my bedroom furnishings.

When all is put in place and I'm satisfied, I will begin baking.  Apple crisp is the first on the agenda.  Then strawberry bread and pumpkin bread.  When the baking is done, I will feel like it's fall.  Time to cozy up and start crocheting. 

I have new crochet patterns this year for headbands and flowers and a hat.  I learned to make a hat without a pattern, but this one is a different style.

Next will come wrapping gifts for Christmas and cooking for Thanksgiving.  One of my kids (daughters or son in laws) cooks the turkey, another one will make the sides, and I do desserts.  We feast on home made goodness.  I think the chef son in law is doing the turkey this year.  He loves it in the fryer.  He's the only one who knows how to fry a turkey. 

We'll gather at the house with the youngest grandchildren, relax, cook and laugh in between good conversation.  Maybe the females will carry on the tradition of going to K Mart after we clean up from dinner.  I'll have to bring that up to see what the others say.

When is your first day of fall?  Do you do things that make you feel like it's fall?  What do you do that makes you feel cozy?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy the simple times at home with your family.
As you can tell, the room is not large.  I captured the whole long wall in two shots.

I don't think it shows up, but the summer pillows have a delicate design on them that matches the color of the chairs.  These will be changed out with warmer colored pillows.

This is the TV cabinet that will go in the bedroom when the fireplace arrives.  The room is smallish so moving this and replacing the spot with the fireplace will open up the room to make it feel larger.

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