Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Goodies

When I was a child I fell in love with the fable about the ant who worked all summer long to store food for winter.  That little guy worked hard to make sure he didn't go hungry.  Little by little -day after day- he found food and brought it back to his storehouse.  Ii loved the little by little, ending up with a lot, part of the story.  I seemed to have taken the story to heart because I realize that is how I do things.  As an example, I have one basil plant.  When it grows, I pick the stems and dry them.  Over the summer I have gotten a heaping half cup of basil, with much more to come.  I wonder if the person who gifted me the plant thought it would produced so much.

There's more in this half cup than in a spice jar bought at the grocery.

I believe it was last Thursday that I planted seeds I saved from my current crop  (Bean, cucumber, pepper) to check to make sure they were viable.  I put two bean seeds in one hole.  To my utter surprise, they have germinated already.  (Today is Saturday)  How exciting to see my efforts bring success.

Look at these two bean plants.  Strong and healthy.  I'm not sure if they will grow as a winter crop, but an experiment is on the way.  These will get transplanted in the garden to see if they will survive the winter.  If I have to, some nights I will cover them with a glass jar.  Hands on learning is a 'good thing'.

The soil is ready for the winter crop and I have planted parsley from my saved seeds as well as garlic.  Tonight will be lettuce, carrots, beets, and spinach.  Unless it's too hot.  Then I will need to wait a week or so because these crops need cool nights.

I have to research how big a lemon tree has to be to transplant into the garden.  My lemon tree has gone from 11 leaves to 21 during the summer months.  I have been hardening it all summer, so hopefully I can plant it out doors in the fall.

Do you think the lemon tree is ready to go in the garden?  Or should I wait until spring?

The blackberry bush is huge.  So are the weeds behind it.  I can't get behind it without being scratched up.  So far I have picked 1.5 cups of berries with about 2 more cups still ripening.  Not enough for a batch of jam, but enough to put into a peach cobbler.  I see the fable of the ant applies here as well.

The blackberry bush is putting roots down behind the marigolds.  I got him 2 falls ago as a bare root plant given to me by the same friend who I exchange plants and seeds from.  Next year this will be the only thing in this section of the garden.  It's very greedy for space.

The only other thing I've done this weekend is bought some undies.  Victoria Secret is having a sale on undies.  Seven pair for 26.50.  That's less than 4.00 a pair.  Cheaper than undies at the big box - buy anything at it - store.

Stay safe.

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