Monday, September 8, 2014

A Busy Morning. Heck, a Busy Week!

It is pouring rain outside.  It's most welcome as we need the rain.  When it rains in this area it pours down, sometimes in sheets driven by wind.  Since there is wind with this rainfall, I'm hoping this front brings in a bit of fall air.  For some reason our September has been hotter than the summer.

Last week I did quite a bit, but remember only a few things.  I pulled the heirloom tomato plant in the garden and trimmed the other one.  I took the green tomatoes off of the plant as they are not turning red.  I don't want bugs to get at them so I have them wrapped in paper to ripen in the house.  I also picked some basil and parsley, putting it in the dehydrator.  I have a request from a friend to send her some so to the mail box I will go.

I went to a medical appointment and all looks well.  I'm happy about that.  In celebration I went to the grocery and bought 10 pounds of granny smith apples at .99 cents a pound.  They are for canning applesauce in jelly jars.  The apples I got at the farm stand will be used to make a crisp and a pie.  I didn't make the crisp yet because it was too hot outside.

I did bring out some of my fall decorations, not all of them.  I forgot I had some things when my daughter mentioned what she put out.

Today I have blanched some carrots and mushrooms to go in the dehydrator.  With the time I'm taking now to do this, I will have healthy fast food during the winter months when Im too tired to cook 

I'm drying enough carrots to last all winter.
The stems will be dried without blanching so I can turn them to powder.

The mushrooms looked so good I had to make cream of mushroom soup.  I didn't have any of my home made broth left so I had to use stock cubes.  Not as good, but good none the less.

One of my favorite soups.

My fireplace came on Saturday and it was a good choice.  I found out I can heat the whole living area with it.  I'll have to check to see which is cheaper, electric per kilowatt or gas per thermal unit.  I do have a choice now.  I didn't like the electronics showing in the cubby under the mantel, so I put them in a basket and hid one with a jar candle.  I'm afraid I can't take credit for the idea as a friend suggested it.  I had no idea what to do.  Another friend suggested the jar candles.  So I combined both of their ideas to hide the messy looking electronics.

Sunday my grand daughter turned two.  We had a Minnie Mouse party for her complete with Minnie Mouse cupcakes that my daughter made.  She frosted them with red icing and used mini Oreos for the ears.  Some where she found picks that had bows attached and placed them between the ears.  They were finished off with white candy dots all over the frosting.  There was no denying who they represented.

I was happy to see an old friend there and had a good time catching up.

Usually I make a big cake but these just seemed right for our baby girl ;) ♡♡♡

Minnie Mouse in delectable form!

I also cleaned out a candle jar to use as a container in the bathroom.  These jars are elegant and see through.

What have you all been up to?  Stay safe.

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