Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Day Out on the Town

Monday was a day that kept me busy - outside of the home.  I went with my youngest daughter to look at fall decorations in a store.  There were more Christmas items than fall items, but enough orange, brown and red hues to  feed the desire for fall to arrive. 

For the first time since my husband passed I felt the excitement of the holidays.  I never stopped loving them, but there was no spark there.  Yesterday the excitement rose to the top and I was giggling like a school girl when I found pretty things to look at.

My daughter was looking for a fall table cloth, which she has waited since last December to afford.  She found a chocolate brown one that would fit into her decorating scheme all year long.  We both got a hand blown glass pumpkin which was heavy and beautiful.  I got a large one to display on the coffee table and she bought the medium size for the center of her dining table.

The glass blown pumpkin that now graces the coffee table until after Thanksgiving.  It's difficult to see the intricate beauty in the work, but it is beautiful in real time.

I have not bought much for holiday decorating since I lived here.  Just a couple items for fall, Christmas, and Easter.  I thought it was time I joined in life with the living.  The pumpkin will most likely be the only thing I purchase this year, unless I see a good sale after the season.

My grand daughter was with us. (She just turned 2 on Sunday.)  When she saw the Halloween skeletons she would say, "Bones."  She really didn't like to see them or the other fright inducing items.  We shuffled through that area quickly.

It was off to the Dollar Store, before we picked up her son at pre school,  to find a fall swag that my daughter wanted to display around the pumpkin on her table.  Mission accomplished.

Off to lunch we went before going home for naps.  All of us were ready for naps.

Refreshed later that day I welcomed a visit from my eldest daughter and her family.  We had dinner together and talked until it was time for the kids to get home, shower and go to bed for the night.  By this time we were all ready to be tucked in for the night.

Before the evening was over I spoke to a friend.  I would like to ask prayer for a family who un-expectantly lost their four year old daughter.  They are heart sick and numb from pain.  Please keep them in your prayers for a while.  They will need the support of our 'village'.

Today is a new day.  The sun is hiding, but it has cooled down a bit.  A few more days of a cool down and the winter garden will be planted.

Please keep safe and I wish nothing less than a great day to my readers.

This plaque also found it's way into my cart.  The picture that was in this spot found it's way to the living room , over the fireplace.
I know this won't be the end of the grouping over the fireplace, but it works until I can muster up some creative juices.

Speaking of creative juices, I found a bolt of felt for $3.99.  I'm not sure what I can do with it, but it will come to me one day.  I'm trying to develop creativity in myself.