Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend Cheating

I have always been aware of the foods we eat are the fuel for our bodies.  Raising our children I made sure they were fed healthy foods - with a splash of goodies thrown in.  Even though I am still learning about healthy eating and proclaim it's benefits,  I also am aware of the phycology behind food and the human.

If someone loves chocolate, and they swear off chocolate, it's a matter of time before they binge on chocolate.  It's human nature to need to and 'break' from responsibility.  Eating healthy is a responsibility.  A responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones.

But, I'm not here to lecture.  I'm here to tell you I have found a balance between the two types of food - healthy and not so healthy.  I like both of them, one more than the other.  Fruits and veggies are my first choice.  Especially from the garden.  There's nothing like the taste of the first ripe peach of the year when the juice rolls down your arm and you're too busy to notice because the taste of the peach is heavenly.

I do all my cheating (if you want to call it that) on the weekends.  Yup.  I may want pancakes during the week, but I wait until the weekend to enjoy them.  Maybe it's a piece of good chocolate I'm craving.  Weekends are the time I indulge.  However, what I do to counteract any negative outcomes is down a half glass of milk with the 'forbidden' foods.

My method appears to be working because my blood work is good these days.  Very good.  I'm pleased with the results of my method.

I also take an antioxidant each morning that is comprised of natural materials.  It's from Market America which sells only items that are organic or natural.  (I do not receive any compensation from this company.)  If you check out the company I would ask that you use the slash with john1010 after it.   This will take you to a good friend's site.  She is a fair and honest vendor. 

So enjoy your weekends and have a piece of chocolate for me.  I do know I will have one for you!  This is the link to the Isotonic antioxidant I drink each morning.


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